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The UA Office of the Vice President for Extracurricular Activities is pleased to announce the new Auditorium calendar for the second quarter. It includes a wide range of activities addressed to the young audience, a total of 17 performances plus the shows organized by the Theatre, Music and Dance Workshops and produced by the Secretariat for Culture that are included in the Paranimf Festiu poster and which will be available starting May. There will also be morning sessions all throughout the quarter.

The performances begin on February 14 with a play written by the renowned playwright and actor Juan Diego Botto. La última noche de la peste (The last night of the plague), a play centred on the conflict between two writers on the night before they have to hand in a dramatized version of Camus’s The Plague. The following day at 12.00h at the Faculty of Law (Salón de Grados), Juan Diego Botto will take part in a round table discussion on the topics tackled in the play.

Theatre Performances
On February 19 the Teatre de Ponent Company presents Singapur, a play directed by Pau Miró, the story of a letter from somebody who is no longer alive addressed to an impossible love.

On February 27, the contemporary dance company Chircovskii Dance Project will present their latest montage, Cuerpo/ Con pocas palabras (Body/ In few words).

On March 5, Carátula Company presents Las mujeres y el mar (The Old Women and the Sea) by Yannis Ritsos, directed by Antonio González Beltrán, a series of reflections on women’s world triggered by a sea environment. This performance is included in the celebrations of the International Women’s Day of March 8.

On April 10 the contemporary dance company La Intrusa (Damián Muñoz & Virginia García) will present Tragos cortos.

On April 29, Assaig, the University of Valencia theatre group, directed by Pep Sanchís and Maria P. Bosch will perform El dia que Bertolt Brecht va morir a Finlandia (The day Bertolt Brecht died in Finland), a partly real, partly fictitious adaptation of the German playwright’s life and work.

On April 29, the company Teatro de la Sombra-Última Fila Producciones is proud to present Rafael Calvo in La conferencia (The conference), in which an educated and appropriately dressed man greets the audience who have come to see his performance and shows his puzzlement at his having nothing to say.

On April 30 – El circo de Sara (Sara’s circus) by the 11è Circ d’Hivern Ateneu Popular Nou Barris circus company, a show for both young and old: Sara, Rico, Luca as well as all those who join them, will have to perform in a circus: setting up the circus tent, prepare the sketches, entice the audience, both parents and children. The circus still remains the world’s biggest show: clowns, jugglers, circus freaks…

Music Performances

On February 20, Dorian’s electric pop is at the Auditorium. The tour promoting the Catalan band’s latest album, El futuro no es de nadie (Future belongs to nobody) has been very successful among indie fans.

On February 28, Conchita presents her latest album Nada más with songs that are ‘fragments of my life. In some I talk about myself, in others about what I see around me’, the artist states. Minimalist, delicate and with a touch of naïveté, Conchita has both a fragile and forcible voice and her lyrics are bitter-sweet and have a special delicacy rounded by a unique song writing technique.
On March 14, Gerard Quintana, the former leader of Sopa de Cabra will present his new disc, Treu banya accompanied by guitarist Francesc Beltran, as well as perform the most famous songs of his career.

April 16 is the night of rock and roll emerging bands: Ovi (Barcelona), Álex Ferreira (Dominican Republic) and Exit (Alicante).

On April 23 the traditional Catalan music band Al Tall will present their new album, Quan el mal ve d’Almansa. This cantata includes various vocal and instrumental pieces of music forming a whole and centring on the historic episode of the Almansa battle and its immediate and long term consequences for the Valencian Community.

Morning Sessions

The morning sessions, held at 12.00h, begin on February 26 with Euripide’s Ifigenia in Aulides, the latest montage by the UA Classical Theatre, directed by Tomás Mestre.

On March 12, at the Colegio Mayor Produccions de Ferro (Mallorca) presents actress Agnès Llobet in Cos de dona (A woman’s body) directed by Cristina Cervià, a play inspired by Miquel Mestre’s novel. The narrative is based on a true story and it received the 2008 Premis Projecte Alcover. Cos de dona tells the story of a life stifled by the conventions of the epoch, a romance challenging ecclesiastic hierarchy. This performance is included in the celebrations of the International Women’s Day of March 8.

On April 9, Maduixa Creacions brings to the stage Jerónimo Cornelles’ play Maniàtics, the story of two brothers aged fifteen and sixteen who are house-trapped for a few hours.

On April 22 the programme includes L’home perla (The pearl man), based on Mercé Rodoreda’s La meva Cristina (My Cristina). The myth of the whale belly and the hero’s initiation journey is one of the play’s main themes. The Catalan writer approaches the archetype from the hopeless, almost absurdist perspective of a woman who is forced to witness two atrocious wars and whose sensitive inner world will eventually be crushed by the brutal reality.

Paranimf Festiu (Festive Auditorium)

May is the month of the performances prepared within the UA Music, Dance and Theatre Workshops throughout the course. At the same time, Saineters and Yorick Theatre will stage the Catalan play Fuga by the famous playwright Jordi Garcelán.

May 13 - the Contemporary Dance Workshop, directed by Boris Chircovskii.
May 14 – the UA Choir, conducted by Francesc Valldecabres.
May 15 and 16 – Fuga by Saineters and Yorick Theatre.
May 21 – Pséudolo by Plaut, performed by the UA Classical Theatre and directed by
Andrés Vinaches.
May 22 – Guitar and Percussion Workshops: contemporary and Spanish guitar, Latin and Spanish percussion.
May 28 - Abuelos directed by Juan Luis Mira and performed by the University Theatre.

Admission: UA TIU

Discounts for holders of the UA TIU. Pick up TICKET DISCOUNT (TICKET DESCUENTO) at the Aifos Hall and hand it in at the ticket office. Tickets cannot be purchased once the performance has begun.

Tickets available at ticket-selling venues starting January 29.
Invitations at the Aifos Hall.

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