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January 10 marks the beginning of the enrolment period for the UA Secretariat for Culture workshops for the second semester. The workshops are open both for members of the academia and the general public. The 38 activities on offer are varied, ranging from theatre, cultural divulgation, plastic arts, dance, oral communication skills, writing, music and cinema.
Standing out among the new offers, the workshops dedicated to the new technologies and tendencies, such as La Difusió de la Cultura a través de les Noves Tecnologies (Spreading Culture through New Technologies ) given in Catalan by UA professor M. Àngels Francés, focuses on raising awareness about mass communication means and on analysing the dimensions of digital resources.
In the sphere of theatre, the Taller de Monòlegs (Monologues Workshop), given in Catalan by Sandra Montserrat, prides itself on the presence of exceptional professors, such as actress Rosana Pastor, playwright and actor Jerónimo Cornelles, stage director, playwright and actor Paul Miró and the directors of the University Theatre (Teatro Universitario) and the UA University Theatre (Teatre Universitario de la UA), Juan Luis Mira and Tomás Mestre respectively.
Another new workshop is the one on Mediterranean Culture and Gastronomy (Cultura y Gastronomía Mediterránea), given in Spanish by Francisco Javier Martínez Muñoz, whose starting point is to introduce the student to the gastronomic culture of the region, both from a theoretical and a practical perspective.
In terms of music, the offer includes: the Creation of Electronic Music Workshop (Taller de Creación de Música Electrónica), given in Spanish by Francisco Illán; also Music in the Feminin: Women songwriters (Música en Femení: Dones Compositores) given in Catalan by Rosa Isabel Torregrosa, and the Musical Notation Workshop: Introduction, Evolution and Practice (La Notació Musical: Introducció, Evolució i Pràctica), given in Catalan by Àngel Lluís Ferrando Morales.

Enrolment proceedings:
Enrolment will be carried out either at PIC (Cultural Information Point), situated on the ground floor of the Auditorium (Paranimfo) or by phone at 965 90 37 25 or email at The payment can be made at any CAM, Bancaja or Santander Central Hispano pay desk, within the deadline indicated at the time of the enrolment. For the cultural groups, the application form along with ID and TIU photocopy are indispensable.
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