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The UA Office of the Vice President for Extracurricular Activities has launched a new web space dedicated to the creation and divulgation of art. The Espais de Creació (Spaces of Creation) project is an initiative which aims at giving a voice to the creators in the academia by means of an online platform where they can exhibit, divulgate and promote their works, and which offers the opportunity of organizing events such as exhibitions or other cultural activities with the users’ participation.

This project, which has been incubating for two years within the framework of remodelling and innovating the services of the digital magazine for Extracurricular Activities (VEU), sponsored by Bancaja, is a meeting place for sharing experiences and creations through thematic forums (plastic arts, audiovisual arts, scenic arts, literature, activity feedback, suggestions, help and creation of new forums). It also provides the possibility of disseminating artistic manifestations through various means such as image (analogic and digital photography, illustration, painting, comics), audio support (music, monologues, poetry, podcast), narrative in all its forms, blogs, etc. Also, a new service will soon be implemented that will permit showing videos (videoclips, short films, computer animation, etc).

Artists’ Community

Another one of its objectives is the creation of a community of artists with their own space where to voice anxieties, exchange knowledge and have easy access to the creations of other individuals who share the same interests and passions. Thus, the purpose of all this is for the users themselves to generate cultural events, and for the community at large to be informed at all times about the activities taking place.

According to Carles Cortés, manager of the Secretariat for Culture, ‘this project fully engages us in the creative net provided by the new technologies, enabling synergies among the members of the academia. What is more, the existence of such a meeting place configures a richer and more vanguardist cultural map which complements the already existing prominent cultural enterprise undertaken by the UA.

For complete access, UA email is required.

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