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Emilia Caballeros - ombudswoman, Asunción Limiñana – sailing world champion, MPs Juana Serna (PSOE), Macarena Montesinos (PP), Gloria Marcos (Ezquerra Unida), singer-songwriter Inma Serrano and Cámera Café actress Ana Milán are some of the speakers at the ‘Women’s in the 21st century’ Course. The course is organized by the US Students’ Council and it will take place on March 5 and 6 in the UA Aifos Hall as part of the activities dedicated to the International Women’s Day.
The course, which is divided in six parts: women in society, the legal world, sports, politics and economy, begins on March 5 at 10.00h. The first section, women in society, will be attended by Lola Abelló, president of CEAPA (Confederación Española de Asociaciones de Padres y Madres de Alumnos), Elena González, vicepresident of CEAV (Confederación Estatal de Asociaciones de Vecinos) and Isabel Manero, president of APSA (Pro-Deficientes Psíquicos). At 12.00h begins the section of women in the legal world, with the participation of ombudswoman Emilia Caballero, Carmen Galipienso – secretary of the Provincial High Court, Ilda Pérez – chief of the Alicante Public Defender’s Office and Amparo Navarro – dean of the UA Faculty of Law.

At 16.00h, within the women and sports section, the speakers are: Raquel Micó, frontenis world runner-up, Asunción Limiñana – sailing world champion, Laura Kim – European champion at taekwondo and Lucía Távera – Spain’s champion at badminton. At 18.00h begins the talk about women in the realm of culture, with the participation of Cámera Café actress Ana Milán, singer-songwriter Inma Serrano, Francisca Muñoz- artist in charge of the MUHER Mediterráneo exhibition and Mercedes Guijaro – manager of the UA archives.

On March 6, at 10.00h the talks will be centred on women in the world of politics, with the participation of MPs Macarena Montesino (PP), Juana Serna (PSOE) and Gloria Marcos (Esquerra Unida). The last section, dedicated to women in the field of economy will begin at 16.00h. The speakers are: Pilar González – president of AEPA (Asociación de Mujeres Empresarias de Alicante), Nuria Pastor –winner of the 2005 prize for young businesswomen (Premio Joven Empresaria) and Rosa Dueñas, coordinator of the UA degree on Real-estate Studies.

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