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The second edition of Mostrari - the European Documentary Festival, organized by the Office of the Vice-president for Extracurricular Activities in collaboration with the Digital Workshop opens on May 13. For four days, the University Venue in Alicante will host film projections and debates on the nine European films competing for the Jury and the viewers’ prizes handed out by the University of Alicante.

The official contest includes Sonia and her family, by Daniela Rusnokova – the first film to be projected at 18.00h, Tras un largo silencio, by Sabin Egilior; Jumate, by Diogo Costa; Wie Ich Bin by Ingrid Demetz,; El Plan B, by Luis G. Verdú and Vicente Pascual; La sombra del iceberg, by Raúl M. Riebenbauer and Hugo Doménech; The Edge of Hope by Gerd Schneider; 0P.1207-X, by Luciana Juliao; and La Minaccia by Luca Bellino and Silvia Luzi. These films will provide an inside look into a variety of contexts, such as Chavez’s Venezuela, the life of a Palestinian cameraman who lives just in front of the wall built by Israel, the every day existence of a Slovakian Gypsy woman, the investigation centred on Capa’s famous photo of the republican militian or the thoughts of an autistic teenager, among others.

The competing films have been selected from among 35 documentaries from all over Europe. During the festival, you will be able to see the short listed films as well as meet and debate with producers, directors and experts in the field. The event also includes a cycle dedicated to the French documentary, an activity meant to enhance the initiative of disseminating masterpieces of reality-cinema, launched by the previous edition.

Given the success reaped by the first edition in May 2006, the University of Alicante has continued to support Mostrari, a festival which provides viewers with the opportunity of watching non-fiction films. The event also supports young filmmakers and their financing institutions.

The festival awards two prizes, namely the Jury prize and the Viewers’ prize. The former consists of 3000 euros and will be awarded by a professional jury made up of international experts: Fredrik Gertten, director, producers and manager of the Swedish company WG FILM; Marta Castañé, production manager of the independent production company Paral.el 40; Michael Meert, German producer of fiction and documentary films, and José Cano Peral, producer and script writer.

The latter prize consists of 2000 euros and will be awarded to the most popular film among the viewers.

Free entrance, limited to hall capacity.

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