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On May 22, at 20.00h, the Latin and flamenco percussion, and the flamenco and contemporary guitar workshops organized by the Secretariat for Culture, will perform an eclectic concert at Paranimf. The show merges different styles and rhythms and it concludes with a jam session and a performance of bulerías, tangos and alegrías, directed by bailaora Mª del Mar Gea, who taught the Juerga Gitana workshop, and who will be accompanied by cantaores Alberto Dual and Jonathan; Antonio Correas and Manuel Amador - percussion, and Mariano and Norman – dance and hand clapping.

The first to perform will be the students from the flamenco percussion workshop, coordinated by Antonio Correas, ‘who will perform one piece with bulerías, tanguillos and rumbas, moving from one right onto the next’, states the professor. The second performance belongs to the flamenco guitar workshop group, whose show includes ‘tarantos, rumbas and a farruca’, explains course director Baldomero Amador.

Under the coordination of Pakito Baeza, the students from the Latin percussion workshop will perform pieces within the Afro-Cuban tradition which include various rhtythms such as cubano, mambo, chachachá and guaguancó’, Baeza states. ‘We might also count on the participation of Pan de Azúcar, a band who will perform a fusion piece. What is more, this year we also have new visual elements’, he adds. Next on stage will be the students from the contemporary guitar workshop, directed by Santiago Iglesias. ‘On this occasion we will perform contemporary pop rock pieces; we also have a special surprise, as we will be accompanied by battery, bass and keyboard. It will be a mini-concert, with different styles’, he concludes.

Invitations available at Sala Aifos.

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