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Multaka-Encuentro, diálogo entre el flamenco y la música andalusí (Multaka- Encounter, dialogue between flamenco and Andalusian music) is the title of the show to be hosted at the UA Paranimf on October 23, at 20.00h. Morocco and Spain, two neighbouring but different cultures and countries, are united in this show which provides a musical space for both flamenco and Andalusin music, establishing a fluid and remarkable dialogue.

According to the producer, "In this show flamenco represents a constant challenge in terms of both voices and guitar performance. We get to listen to genuine cante (flamenco singing), from seguidillas and cantes primitivos, to soleá via bulerías or tangos". Alicia Acuña's cante is complemented by Chekara Jalal's voice and violin performance.

In their turn, the musicians from the Tetuán Chekara Orchestra (Orquesta Chekara de Tetuán) bring the purest and most exquisite sounds of Andalusian music. The organizers state that "we're dealing with one of Moroccos most prestigious orchestras, which was established in 1957" and which has performed with great artists such as Enrique Morente, Michael Nyman and Sir Yehudi Menuhin, thus gaining international renown.

To sum up, this show provides the audience with the opportunity of listening to flamenco and Andalusian music in their purest form, with no distortion or fusion, in an attempt at identifying the common ground between these two musical cultures.


Chekara Jalal: violin and voice
Aziz Samsaoui: kanun
Youssef Hussein: ud and voice
Mouhssina Koraichi: darbouga
Fathi Benyakoub: violin

Alicia Acuña Avelar: cante
Maria Angeles Gabaldon: dance
Raul Cantizano Núñez: guitar

Invitations available at Sala Aifos.

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