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Good and evil confronted in arduous battle. In between, the human being’s free will. This is the topic of the interdisciplinary show Muladar, a coproduction of the Valencian companies Ausades Dansa and Arden Producciones, which have joined their creativity in order to invent new scenic languages. Directed by Toni Aparisi and Chema Cardeña, Muladar is a show which fuses theatre, dance and music, and which will be performed at the UA Paranimf on October 15, at 20.00h.

Bought judges, corrupt senators, tortured innocent people...all these visit a very simple scenery, lit by nine industrial lamps which give a feeling of austerity. "Muladar is an unfriendly approach to both legendary and current characters: those constantly doing bad things and those trying to do good. There are two actors onstage, two dancers and two musicians, who at certain times interchange parts", Aparisi adds.

Since 1997, Ausades Dansa has been formed by J.M.Gil and Toni Aparisi. The company produces both dance and theatre. Their shows include montages such as De puertas hacia dentro, Així que passen cent anys, Rotondas y Remedios.

For two years now, Arden Produccion has been portraying contemporary society by means of classical intertexts introduced in original works by Chema Cardeña, who founded the company together with Carlos Garés. Their productions include La estancia, La puta enamorada, Hotel Venezia and Contratiempos, which have won a long list of prizes and nominations, awarded by a variety of institutions, ranging from the Generalitat Valenciana to the Max prizes for scenic arts.

Invitations available at Sala Aifos.

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