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Sempere MUA exhibition hall is opening again its doors on Monday the twenty-seventh of September with "For peace and human rights", by Aragon artist Jesús Soler. The opening act will take place at 20.00, and in addition to the artist, the act will be attended by vice president for Extracurricular Activities Josefina Bueno, MUA director, Mauro Hernández, and representatives of the UA Social Adivisory Body, who promoted the initiative.

From 17.00, before the opening, Jesús Soler will develop a creative experience at MUA premises with a group of handicapped children and youngsters. A wall painting, which will be shown to the public, will come out of this experience . The performance of this free entrance activity is expected between 17.00 and 19.00.


"For peace and human rights" is a pictorical proposal aiming to fight against injustice and inequality by taking sides on peace and human rights.

The exhibition is a call for attention to the consciences of an asleep and dehumanized society, a cry of pain in view of so terrible events such as the terrorist attacks in New York, Madrid and London, hunger in Africa, wars, slavery, prostitution, drugs or the suffering of the underprivileged.

Jesús Soler works on the mixed-media expressionism style. The colour, the violent brushstroke and the addition of materials like cardboard and sack material to the canvas are the weapons used to fight against the abuse in the world. However, Jesús Soler's work is not an inventary of calamities and tragedies. Under the pain and the suffering lies the hope for a fairer and happier world. There are some cracks on his paintings, through which we can foresee a future of peace.

The free entrance exhibition can be visited until the end of November.

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