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30 th Anniversary of the Constitution

Conferences and keynote speeches, an exposition about Spanish constitutionalism, the course 30 years of Constitution. Building the Rule of Law, a series about Constitutional Spain and a round table with special guests are some of the acts that the University of Alicante has organised to celebrate the 30 th anniversary of 1978 Constitution and that will complete the programme that is traditionally celebrated at the University Venue in Alicante City when 6 th December comes up.

The acts, which will start on next Friday 21 st November, will take place in different places at Campus in San Vicente and the university venues in Alicante and Villena. The Faculty of Law and the Vicerectorate for Extracurricular Activities of the University of Alicante have participated in the organisation of the acts through the Cultura Secretariat, the MUA, the Democracy Archive, the University Venue in Alicante City and the University Venue in Villena. The Foundation Spanish Political Transition cooperates in the acts and its director, Charles Powell, will attend the round table on day 21st.

The programme starts with the opening of the course 30 years of Constitution. The Construction of the Rule of Law, organised by the Faculty of Law. The course will be held for four days, on the next 21st, 26th, 27th and 28th of November. Among the speakers taking part, most of them professors of different Spanish universities, we must point out the presences of María Emilia Casas, President of the Constitutional Tribunal, and José Bono, President of the Congress, who will be in charge of bringing the course to a close with an act that will take place on the next 28 th of November, at 14:00 at the Salón de Grados in the Faculty of Law.

In all the plan is that 17 specialists intervene and deal with different aspects relating to the current Constitution: from the constitution process, the implication of the society in the transition or the comparative study of similar processes, to aspects so concrete and current such as secularism, labour relations, foreign affairs policy or the always controversial matters such as self-governing financing or criminal reforms.

Round table with historical leaders

One of the most highlighted acts will take place on the 21st November from 20:15 at the University Venue in Alicante City. It is about the celebration of a round table where The transition to democracy in Spain: 30 years later will be analysed and there will be taking part Santiago Carrillo, Virgilio Zapatero and Rodolfo Martín Villa. The act will be headed by Ignacio Jiménez Raneda, president of the University of Alicante, who will act as moderator.

The three guests are important people in the History of Spanish Democracy. Rodolfo Martín Villa was a minister of Government, Home Affairs and Territorial Administration during the first years of democracy. He has been president of the electric company Endesa for a year now. Virgilio Zapatero was a member of the Parliament at the Constitutional Courts, Secretary of State and a Minister for Relations with the Courts and Secretary of Government during the two first socialist terms of office. Nowadays he is the president of the University of Alcalá. Santiago Carrillo is one of the historical leaders of the Communist Party in Spain, of which he was Secretary General from 1960 to1985.

Another act taking place at the University Venue in Alicante City is the series named The Constitutional Spain, directed by Constitutional Law teacher in the University of Alicante, Manuel Alcaraz. The conferences will take place from 24 th to 28 th November with the participation of Francisco Camaño, Secretary of State of Constitutional and Parlamentary Affaires, lawyer Cristina Almeida and former Member of Parliament José Antonio Labordeta. All the conferences of the series will take place at 20:15.

Exhibition Constitutions

Along with the programme, the Democracy Archive has organised the exhibition Spanish Constitutions (1812-1978), a review on Spains’ constitutionalism story, showing different pieces related to each one of the Spanish constitutions. The exhibition can be visited between 22nd November and 1st December at the Salón de Juntas of the Faculty of Law in the University of Alicante and between 2nd and 19th December at the San Antón Chapel in Villena.

The Democracy Archive will offer its traditional prize-giving act to the new donors next 2nd December at the University Venue in Alicante City from 20:15. During the act the book Diary of the civil war will be presented: it is a very interesting diary from the first days of battle in Alicante City, explaining from the moment of the arrest until the execution of republican master Eliseo Gómez. This material has been kept unpublished to the date and we have it back thanks to the work of Francisco Moreno and Beatriz Bustos for the Archive of Democracy.

On 4th December, the University Venue in Alicante City, at 11:30, president of the University will open its traditional public speech on the Constitution in which, as usual, there will participate politic and academic representatives, as well as public in general. At 20:15, the Prize-giving act of VII Maisonnave Award will also take place.

The climax of the commemorative acts will be a conference called On the 30th Anniversary of 1978 Constitution on next 18th December in Villena. The lecturer, Gregorio Peces-Barba, is a professor of Philosophy of the Law at the University Carlos III in Madrid –of which he has been president- a politician and one of the fathers of the Constitution. The act, which has been organised by the University Venue in Villena, will take place at 12 hours at Chapí Theater.



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