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The yearly act in which the Democracy Archive gives tribute to the new contributors will take place on next Tuesday 2 December at 20:15 at the University Venue of Alicante City. As usual, the act will be chaired by president of the University of Alicante, Ignacio Jiménez Raneda, who will present the donors with the sculptoric work done in ceramics by Arcadio Blasco.

During the same act, The Civil War Diaries of Eliseo Gómez Serrano (1936-1939) will be presented. The book, done from the critical transcription by Francisco Moreno and Beatriz Bustos, is about the diaries which explain the day to day battle in Alicante, written by the republican master. The diaries, kept hidden at Eliseo Gómez's house, were found some years ago and given to the UA's Democracy Archive, where they have been intensely restored, transcripted and analysed and now they can be exposed. The book transcribers, Francisco Moreno Sáez and Beatriz Bustos Mendoza, both historians, agree that it is one of the few kept living testimonies about what happened in Alicante City's war. The work has been completed with pictures of the family archive, as well as with the also unseen diary written by Eliseo's widow, Emma Martínez Valls, where she talks about the agony produced by the uncertainty of his husband's disappearance, from the day of his arrest on 3 April 1939 until 24 April, day of their wedding anniversary.

Eliseo Gómez Serrano was professor and director of the Escuela Normal de Magisterio in Alicante. He was elected town councilor in 1931, in the elections in which the Second Spanish Republic came. Later, in 1936 elections, he was elected MP of the party Republican Left. In the diaries now beeing published, Eliseo collects the war's ups and downs and the international situation, as well as the mood changes of himself and his familiar and social environment. Convinced that he had done the right thing, when the war ended he stayed in Alicante, where he was immediately imprisoned, judged in a summary trial at the Council of War, sentenced to death and executed in May 1939.

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