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david fernández, like this, written in small letters, is the name of this unclassifiable artist who has made a spectacle out of chaos. Within the boundaries of theatre and dance, the performance 7 suicides of a cat is presented on the Auditorium stage on the next 2 December at 20:00. The dancer and artist declares that there are seven improvisations defined as “a small suicide, because in each scene I play with disaster. I try to add every mistake that happens during the performance”.

By means of the word, the body, the electric cello and other accessories on the stage, david fernández builds an autobiographic combination in which he outlines snippets of his life or he thinks about the places he visits. He points out: “There is always a main subject. In this case, the University gives me the chance to talk about education, teaching, obligation”.

This di-spectacle that the author defines as a constant “zapping” due to the mixing and confusion is a production of the artist and Gretel Stuyck with the collaboration of La Platea, which has visited different places in Latin America, the south of France and many Spanish cities. An outstanding offer that won’t leave the audience indifferent.

david fernández is a dancer, an actor and a cellist. He has studied classical dance with Carmen Roche and contemporary dance with
Blanca Calvo, among others. He has been training for four years as an actor in Juan Carlos Corazza’s studio. Moreover, he has worked in theatre and dance with Calixto Bieito (Los Persas), Dani Panullo, Olga Mesa, Angélica Liddell, La Ribot, la Fura dels Baus, Carmen Werner, Teresa Nieto, Ara Malikian, etc.

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