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An interesting sample of workshops on different artistic disciplines will be given in February in the Secretariat for Culture in the University of Alicante. In the field of music, a course on Ancient Music, from 21 to 22 February, coordinated by Achim Achulz Anderson and Sergio Iglesias, and made up by modules devoted to various aspects and specific instruments, bringing to Alicante many prestigious professors of today's world scene. Also from 23 to 27 February the course 'Les Arts des de la Música' , with which the professor 'tries to show various music associations with other artistic creations', will be taking place.

Regarding orality, Ana Torellas Quintero will give the course 'El Cuento y la Educación Inclusiva', an educative approach based on the appraisal of diversity as an enriching component of the learning process and, therefore, a cause of human development. Torellas affirms that ' we want to achieve two things with this course: first, to define the importance of break and leisure time their close relation to the children's progressive development,and second, to highlight the several factors that a teacher involved in inclusive education takes into account for its same production'.

People interested in journalism will be able to take part in the workshop about radio, '¿Qué Necesita la Radio de Hoy?', tought by journalist Gabriel Martínez, from 13 February to 22 May. Many interest points will be analised in this course, such as the social and economic context of a radio firm, the new professional profiles and radio advertising.

The lovers of monologue for interpreting will have the chance to go into this genre in depth with Sandra Montserrat, from 25 February to 20 May. 'In the workshop, we will learn the monologue's main features and the techniques to interpret it'. At the end of the course, the students will have the chance to show their creations on a stage in Alicante. Also in the theatre field, Rosa Fraj will teach the workshop 'El llenguatge de les Titelles i les Ombres', taking place from 18 February to 20 May. Fraj explains: 'In the course, we will search and try to find every possibility of comunication using puppets, addressed not only to children but also to youngsters and adults'.
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