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The Museum of the University of Alicante (MUA) has organised for third consecutive year the Contest of Plastic Arts 'Mulier, Mulieris', conceived as a platform for the thinking and the dialogue on women. The contest springs from the intention of providing a space for the artistic creation connected to subjects such as the gender identity, the discrimination, the autonomy, the goals achieved or the future challenges. Its scope has been wide again: open to artists of both genders who reflect on the feminine gender' status by any means of expression.

A group of experts from different teaching and professional fields selected on 2 February the works that will set up the exhibition of this third contest, which will be opening on 9 March in the MUA on the occasion of the International Women's Day. The jury was made up of Isabel Tejeda, commissioner of exhibitions and director of the Espacio Artes Visuales in the Región de Murcia; Anja Krakowski, multidisciplinary artist and professor of Sculpture in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Altea; José Piqueras, professor of Marketing and Contemporary Art in the University of Alicante; Remedios Navarro, technical expert of the MUA and Mauro Hernández Pérez, director of the MUA.

131 projects from all places from Spain and from several Latin American countries were submitted in this third edition.
26 of them have been selected for the exhibition of the MUA. The huge quantity of the works submitted and the variety of the
proposals is a highlighted point this year, because of the quality of the forms and the subject matters: drawings, paintings, embroideries, sculptures, installation art, videos and photographies that question stereotyped ideas about gender by mixing classical and contemporary myths, that recover the historical memory of women who fought for the improvement of their gender's position, that deepen into the wounds or speak with irony about the search for new spaces of representation, that criticise the importance of aesthetics in today's society, that report on inequalities and demand a reconsideration of the dominant cultural system by means of the vital and creative experience.

The artists selected for this summons are: María María Acha Laura Boj Pérez, Virginia Calvo, Roser Caminal, Alejandra Collel, Beatriz
Fernández Rodríguez, Sara Fried, Susana Guerrero, Beatriz Jiménez, Juan López López, Pepa Marhuenda, Carlos Pedrón, Mónica Porta, María Platero, Darío Fernando Ramírez Segura, Pedro Roldán Guerra, Dolores & Remedios (Pablo Ruiz y Esther de la Torre), Olga Ruiz, Bárbara Sánchez, Mónica Sans Carré, Leonor Solans, Pilar Talavera, Mayka (Mª Carmen Torreadrado), José Antonio Torregrosa García (Torregar), Flavia Totoro and Igone Urquiza.

Information of the exhibition:

3d Contest of Plastic Arts Mulier, Mulieris 09

Where: Sala Sempere, Museum of the University of Alicante
Campus of San Vicente del Raspeig
03690 San Vicente del Raspeig (Alicante)

Opening day: Thursday, 9 march 2009. 12.30 hours.


Telephone: 965909466

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