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The Festival of Orality 2009 will be held in the Auditorium next 18 February at 11.00 hours. The festival, organised by La Carátula and directed by Antonio González Beltrán, will have the attendance of people from several places of the world such as Europa, Africa, America and the Middle East and will get together the tradition and the avant-garde of the oral narrative. González explains: 'From the ancestors' tradition to several forms of poetry, going through techniques of oral narrative based on literature, theatre monologues, etc. A wide variety of styles and forms that show us a different view of the world, mixed and multicultural'.

The Venezuelan Ana Torrellas and the Chilean José Luis Mellado will perform at the University Auditorium. Ana Torrella, who besides taking part in this event, has given the workshop 'El Cuento y la Cultura de la Inclusión on the campus' from 9 to 18 de February, will write an anecdotes book called 'Entre los misterios gozosos y dolorosos', where humour and drama are mixed up in order to string together stories taken from literature (Rosa Montero, Mario Benedetti) and from contemporary life. The actor, scriptwriter and columnist José Luis Mellado will tell a series of tales coming from his homeland: 'Due to the variety of climates, the histories of Chile are different depending on the zone. In the north they are linked to pirate treasures, women who become trees in the middle of the pampas, soldiers found, and the legends in the south have a mapuche origin'.

Performances at the University Venue in Villena
The Festival of Orality will be taking place the following day in the University Venue in Villena. The Camerun Boniface Ofogo and the Argentinan-Israeli David Wapner will perform in the Casa de la Cultura from 20.00 hours. Ofogo explains: 'I am a son of the oral tradition because in the village I was raised, oral transmission was the only way of getting any kinds of knowledge or informations. Africa is the birthplace of humanity and also of the most incredible legends that try to explain where do we come from and what is the origin of things'. On the other side, David Wapner, a poet, a narrator, a musician and a puppeteer who will present the show Pequeña Guía de la Gaturbe, explains: 'eighteen songs in which specimens of urban cats are illuminated, each one from a mutation, cats that survive the harshness of human species'.

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