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Once again, the University of Alicante joins the acts organised around 8 March, International Women's Day, with a cultural and academic schedule that includes exhibitions, courses, seminars, cinema, theatre, lectures and books presentations. The activities will be carried out on the campus of Alicante and at the University Venue in Alicante City between 2 and 30 March.

One of the schedule's central acts is the opening in the MUA of 'Mulier, mulieris', fruit of the plastic arts contest with the same name, which gathers a selection of pieces from different artistic disciplines around creation, linked tot subjects such as the gender identity, the discrimination, the autonomy, the goals achieved or the future challenges. The scope has been wide again: open to artists of both genders who who reflect on the feminine gender' status by any means of expression.. On this occasion, the exhibition has been supported by the Ministry for Equality. The act will take place on 9 March at 12:30 hours at the University museum.

Another exhibition within the framwork of the International Women's Day is 'Des de la intimitat', by the Alcoy artist Vanessa Palacios, which will be shown from 3 March at the sala Aifos. Under this title, Palacios does some women's portraits structured in leaflets and serieals that show a deep, thoughtful and exciting look, combined with brief landscape notes. The exhibition, which will be shown until 1 April, has been organised by the Centre Ovidi Montllor d’Alcoi.

Besides, the General Library will collaborate with books and thematic guides exhibitions in all the libraries.

Theatre and cinema
On 4 March at 20:00 hours, the company Bambalina will present at the Auditorium of the UA the play 'La dona irreal', an intimist proposal on the existential change that a woman experiments after the death of his son. The play, directed by Jaume Policarpo, is played by well-known actresses Cristina García and Carol Linuesa.

Concerning cinema, La Fragua, in collaboration with the Aula de Cine, has organised a cinema series of director Agnès Varda and Ventura Pons, which will be shown from 3 to 5 March, at 11:30 and 17:30, at the showing hall in the UA's Mediateca. The series include films such as 'Cléo de 5 a 7', by Varda, and 'Actrius', by Pons.

Demonstration of the feminist Platform
On 8 March at 12:00 hours, the feminist Platform has organised a demonstration starting from the Plaza de los Luceros.

Words for equality
On 10 March, from 13:00 hours at the Plaza de Europa, the public act 'Words for Equality', organised by the UA's Board of Students, with the attendance of Ignacio Jiménez Raneda, UA's vice-chancellor, and representatives of the university.

Feminism at the Venue
The University Venue in Alicante City will be one of the most active places in carrying out the activities from 8 March. On 2 March at 20:15 hours, the Aula de Formación y Debate Feminista will carry out the session 'Lecciones y debates desde el feminismo'. On 14 March at 19:00 hours, Raquel Platero and Angie Simonis will present their book 'Lesbianas. Discurso y representaciones'. Last, on 17 March at 20:15 hours, the lecture 'Interculturalidad: una mirada feminista', directed by Rosa Mª Rodríguez Magda, will take place.

Courses, seminars and debates
To commemorate the anniversary, several unities and departments in the UA have started courses which will be carried out during March. The CEM (Women's Studies Centre) has organised several courses with subjects such as women in pop music; language, comunication and gender and co-education, among others.

The University Seminar for Women's Rights, Area of Constitutional Law, has organised lthe 7th edition of the course Women and Law, which on this occasion will be about the need to reform the Constitution thirty years after it was passed. Besides, the course 'Mujeres del siglo XXI, Nuevas Perspectivas para el Género Femenino', organised by the Board of Students, will be held from 10 March.

The Department of Modern Language Studies has organised the VII Seminario Mujer-Literatura: Escritura de mujer en tiempos de guerra, which will be held at the Salón de Grados of Filosofía y Letras and at the University Venue in Alicante City from 17 March to 2 April.

In collaboration with the schedule: the vicerectorates for Extracurricular Activities, Strategical Planning & Quality, Institutional Relations, the Women's Studies Centre, the Gender Equality Unit, the Board of Students, the MUA, la the University Venue in Alicante City and trade unions CCOO, UGT, CGT, SEP and STEPV.

Complete schedule in the document attached

Attached file: Programa Dia de la Dona

Attached file: Programa Día de la Mujer

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