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"Two crooks are dealing with a suitcase full of drugs and the meeting point is an abandoned hairdresser's with a very special bathroom: through it, one can travel through time". With this crazy synopsis, Santiago Molero describes the plot of ¡Qué pelo más guay!, a hilarious comedy by the company Sexpeare, written by Rulo Pardo and Molero and directed by David Otonne, which will be performed on 25 March, at 20:00 hours, at the UA's Auditorium.

An irreverent, versatile and smart humour, with a powerful performance of the authors, who won in 2003 the Telón Chivas Award for the Best Original Script. The reviews have supported it because it is a work that communicates very well with the audience of all ages, but specially 'with the youngsters and the neophytes, who get hooked to the theatre with us', Molero explains.

In ¡Qué pelo más guay! the authors break the rules and look for different asthetics, incorporating several types of narration. 'For example, we make a flashback on silent films, we sing, we show signs, the public takes part in it… We also play making the characters rebel against the plot and we talk harshly about what is around us, but without preaching anybody. We want to entertain people, that's any comedy actor's essential goal'.

Santiago Molero and Rulo Pardo met in Madrid while they were studying Dramatic Art. In 1994 they started writing together and in 1995 their first play, Trep, was premiered, 'although we were already doing some work at the café theatre', Molero says. They are currently preparing the playwright El título de este espectáculo no es mi madre, which will be premiering in summer. Other plays of this company are Solomillo, peformed by Fele Martínez, For sale, En grilletes and H el pequeño niño obeso.

Tickets at the bookstore Compas UA, Fnac, Servicam and an hour prior to the performance at the Auditorium.
Price: 10€ (5€ with the TIU of the UA).

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