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The 11th UA Comic Conferences Unicómic will be taking place from 26 to 28 March. It is a meeting point for the lovers of the ninth art that has become one of the referents of this artistic discipline in Spain. This year, several authors, reviewers and scriptwriters as important as the English Chris Claremont, who has developed the stories of sagas such as X-Men, Wolverine and Fantastic Four; the awarded reviewer Álvaro Pons, creator of the weblog La cárcel del papel, one of the most visited sites by the comic lovers on the Internet; the cartoonist Doug Braithwaite, who has drawn for Marvel Comics the sequels of Earth X, Univers X and Paradise X; the Alicante cartoonist Pablo Auladell, awarded in 2000 with the Cómic Injuve National Prize, and Valencian authors of the magazine El Jueves Lalo Kubala, Pallarés and Rubén Fernández, among others.

On Thursday 26, at 10:00 hours, the conferences will start at the Aula Joan Vives of the UA's Faculty of Economic Sciences with the paper Mythology and comic, given by José Rovira. Afterwords, Joan Rovira, one of the organisers, will give the lecture City and comic. According to Rovira, 'we have always wanted to dignify the comic with this conferences, because we consider it a vehicle of artistic expression as worthy as any other'. Other papers during the day will be Videogames and comic, by Ramón Orts and Antonio Vuarnet, and Buenos aires en 'El Eternauta', by Armando Sogorb Rogel. At 17:00 hours, the first meeting of authors will be held at the University Venue of Alicante City, with the attendance of Diana Raznovich, author of the El santuario estresado, and the Spanish-Japanese author Ken Niimura, creator of works such as I Kill Giants and Clock World.

On Friday 27 March, the conferences will start again at 10:00 hours at the Aula Joan Vives with the paper The comic in the new technologies, by Álvaro Pons. Next will be Antonio Martín, who is currently doing research in the study of the History and Sociology of the industry, the publishing and the Spanish comic authors, and at the same time is working as a publishing manager. Besides, the papers se efectuarán Pedagogy and comic, by Pilar Pomares Puig, and Children's and Intercultural Literature and comic, by Noelia Ibarra Rius, will be taking place. From 17:00 hours, at the Exhibition Hall of the Aula Cultural de la CAM, the second meeting of authors will be held with the presentation of Soy mi sueño, by Felipe Hernández Cava and Pablo Auladell. Chris Claremont's conference will be held at 18:00 hours.

The films Superman: Doomsday, Hulk vs. Thor, Batman: Gotham City and Renaissance will be shown from at the University Venue in Alicante City, on Saturday 28 March from 10:00 hours, presented by Javier García-Conde. Lastly, the third meeting with the Valencian authors of El Jueves from 17:00 hours, and at 19:00 hours, Doug Braithwaite, cartoonist of Batman, Superman and Captain America, will be in. The conferences have been coordinated by Universitarios Progresistas and Club Star Trek of Alicante, with the collaboration of the UA and another organisations.


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