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'Laïcitat o laïcisme? El rol de l’Església en la societat democràtica' is the title of the lecture that Father Abbot of Montserrat, Josep M. Soler, will give within the series of lectures Laïcitat i religió a Europa on next 3 March at the University Venue in Alicante City. Father Abbot combines the rectory of the Abbey of Montserrat with the teaching; he has published articles on spirituality and liturgic issues in several specialised magazines as well.

In the series, lasting until 12 March, several thinkers, theologians, historians will participate, dealing with the relations between religion and secularism from different angles and points of view. Journalist and politics analist Josep Ramoneda opened the series talking about The Republican Democracy and its enemies. Next was theologian Armand Puig i Tàrrec with the contribution of the
Christianism to the European social conscience, and on previous 25 February, historian Luisa Accati talked about the relation between Church and women. Next 5 March, Elías Díaz, teacher and specialist in Philosophy of the Law —and Honorary Ph.D. by the University of Alicante— , will reflect on the opposition between fundamentalism and democracy; on 10 March, historian and political scientist Élie Barnavi will give the lecture La laïcité comme valeur, and to close the series, sociologist Salvador Giner will give a lecture on the destiny of the secular civilisation on 12 March.

The series, organised and coordinated by Ferran Isabel and Faust Ripoll, from the University of Alicante, is sponsored by the Institut d’Estudis Catalans and has the collaboration of the magazine of thoughts L’Espill, edited by the University of Valencia.

The sessions wil take place at the Sala Altamira at the University Venue in Alicante City from 20 hours. Free entry.

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