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According to Bernabé Gómez, the exhibition's commissioner, 'The exhibition Corpórea means research and thought around the conception of the body and its representation in today's world and, besides, the richness of the exhibition lies on the huge variety of subjects and techniques that the artists use relating to the body from a free and current conception in the arts' world'.Corpórea opens Tuesday, 17 March, at 20:00 hours, at the hall 365 in the University of Alicante's Museum (MUA).

The MUA organised at the end of 2008 the artistic contest Corpórea, in which “a total of 230 artists from all over the world were presented”, so Gómez explains. The jury, made up by the plastic artist Paloma Navares, the teachers Aurora Alcaide and Bernabé Gómez, the director of an art gallery and also teacher, Begoña Martínez Deltell and the MUA's director and professor, Mauro Hernández, selected 62 artists to take part in the exhibition.

The commissioner tags: 'What took me by suprisa was the international nature of the proposals, because it was supposed to be an open contest seeking to show the variety of ideas,techniques or formats to represent the body, from a free and current point of view”. In fact, “of the 62 works selected, there is an English artist, a Japanese artist and a Israeli artist, and most of the Spanish artists are living in other countries'. The exhibition is the fruit of a deep thought of these artist around the body in today's world, of how it is conceived and imagined, and above all of how it is understood in a society that is struggling between the progressive de-bodyfication and the crazy cult to the body. The exhibition will be open until May.

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