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The Exhibition-marathon of Monologues Sol@ ante el Peligro, organised by the Vicerectorate for Extracurricular Activities of the University of Alicante and Clan Cabaret, with the collaboration of the Muestra de Teatro Español de Autores Contemporáneos, celebrates its tenth anniversary, a very special date that makes this contest the father of the contests for monologuists and the main reserve of new talented people in the province of Alicante.

This year, the contest will be held the days 21, 22, 23 and 30 May at the Clan Cabaret, with the participation of Daniel Higiénico, a musician-monologuist who converts the songs of what seems to be a rock concert into hilarious theatre pieces. Daniel Higiénico will perform at Clan Cabaret on 29 May, the day previous to the grand finale.

The main novelty of this edition is the creation of a grant of 50 € for the participants who come from outside, at a minimal distance of 100 Km., with the goal of 'providing accomodation and paying for the main expenses of the monologuists and authors', Juan Luis Mira explains, director of the Teatro Universitario de la UA and creator of the contest, altogether with Clan Cabaret.

Sol@ ante el Peligro is characterised for being a contest in which the audience is the main character, because the monologues that go the the grand finale ―with a jury of experts―, have to be voted first by the audience. One of the attractions of this contest is that the monologues awarded are performed in the perfomance L@s siete magnífic@s, included in the Muestra de Teatro Español de Autores Contemporáneos, which is held in November. Besides, the winner monologues have the possibility of being presented in several shows at the university venues of the province of Alicante.

Mira explains: 'Sol@ ante el Peligro rose as iniciative of the Aula de Teatro of the UA, depending on the Vicerectorate for Extracurricular Activities. From the first moment it had the collaboration of the Clan Cabaret, which has always supported the alternative culture in Alicante. In the beginning,the philosophy was that the Aula de Teatro went out of the campus, and we organised a monologues marathon with pieces that need not necessarily be original”.

After the third edition, it became part of the project Muestra de Teatro Español de Autores Contemporáneos, and this collaboration entailed the authory of the monologues that, from then on, were original. Asimismo, the contest became competitive, with the purpose of giving priority to the final selection, and in the fifth edition the finalists started to take part in the Muestra de Autores.

'One of the most important matters that I'd like to point out is the contest's character of reserve. We have been a school for monologuists and we have had authors such as Miguel Esteve or José Ramón Carralero, the current screenwriter of Canal 9, who started their professional careers in Sol@ ante el peligro'.


To take part in this contest you have to register before 4 May 2009, at 00.00 hours, at any of this points:

1. Clan Cabaret (Capitán Segarra, 16. 03004. Alicante)

2. Punto de Información Cultural (PIC) of the University of Alicante

3. On the electronic address:

4. Or directly filling out a form on:


The most voted monologues by the audience will be performed in the Closing Session, which will take place at Clan Cabaret on Saturday 30 May. Afterwards, the Jury ―made up by the professionals of the field― will give the University of Alicante Awards:

1st Award worth 600 €
2nd Award worth 400 €
3d Award worth 200 €


People's Choice Award 'Tomate unas copas' 100 €

CLAN CABARET Award for Best Script, valued at 200 €

With the collaboration of
Teatro Principal Alicante
Teatro Arniches

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