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The course Pensando en Latinoamérica (Thinking of Latin America) will take place October 5 to December 17 at the Sala de Conferencias de la CAM in Orihuela, at 8:15pm. This course is organized by the Office of the Vice President for Extracurricular Activities through the Cátedra Loazes and the University Venue in Orihuela and is sponsored by Caja de Ahorros del Mediterráneo. The seminar will give 2 free elective credits or a certificate of 30 hours (20 in person and 10 online) issued by the ICE (Education Sciences Institute). For obtaining those certificates, it is necessary, besides the attendance, to do the coursework requested in every case.

The tourist phenomenon and the technological development of the last years have awaken the interest in knowing the reality and position of the brother countries of America. This matter has been supported during the last decades by the politic interest of Spain that, without forgetting its European vocation, has served as a defender and link among the Latin American countries that become independent after the decolonisation of Spain in the 19th century.

Spanish universities, appropriate to the general opinion of the current society, devotes more and more time to the research and knowledge of Latin America, and because of that the Latin American and Spanish universities are in connection thanks, as well, to the Ministry. The seminar wants to tackle some of the important matters that have raised among the national and international scholars, who being in the University of Alicante will participate in Orihuela explaining the reality of their respective countries. It is important to overcome the isolation suffered by this continent, as well as to facilitate the rapprochement between the Spanish society and the cultural, social, economic and politic reality of the Latin American people. The Spanish society is more and more multicultural because of the presence of important groups of immigrants from those countries in ours.

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