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he Governing Council, held on the 25th of November 2009 in the University of Alicante, has decided to give the VIIIth Maisonnave Prize to the journalist and writer Ángeles Cáceres. The Vice President of Extracurricular Activities, Josefina Bueno, has proposed her candidacy to this assembly who met in the morning. The proposal was passed and it wants to emphasize the trajectory of this professional, who fits the profile established by the bases for deserving this prize. The University of Alicante gives each year this prize to a person, collective or institution characterized by its compromise for civic and democratic values and the defence of the rights and liberties, education and culture.

The Maisonnave Prize will be given by the president of the UA, Ignacio Jiménez Raneda, in an act which will take place next 3rd of December 2009, from 20.15, in the Venue Ciudad de Alicante, in Ramón y Cajal Avenue of this city.

As a novelty, the Governing Council has just passed the proposal for the modification of the regular recurrence of the Maisonnave Prize, which from by now will be given each two years.

The prize, which has the name of the first mayor of the city of Alicante chosen democratically in the XIXth Century, Eleuterio Maisonnave Cutayar, is represented by the hand which draws the space, a work by the artist Josep Díaz Azorín.

Ángeles Cáceres was born in Madrid in 1941 and from 1971 writes in the journal Información of Alicante. She also worked as a journalist in other media. As a writer, she has over a dozen literary prizes.

The Maisonnave Prize was created in 2002. Since then, it has been given to José Luis Lassaleta, posthumously, Carlos Mateo, José Beviá, Arcadio Blasco, the collective Feminario, Javier Cabo and the members of parliament who participated in the Constituent Courts for Alicante last year. In 2008 the prize was given to the three parliamentary groups with representation in those first courts: the PSOE, the UCD and the PCE. Thus, together with the prize given in 2006 to Feminario, first feminist collective of Alicante, 2008 was the second occasion in which a collective received that prize.

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