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The last creation of the dance company Erre que Erre offers to the public a very intimate thought about the appearance of love as a physical action and reaction. No pesa el corazón de los veloces is a spectacle where the live energy of the post rock music of Balago and the dance interact as an only being. Their rhythms provoke a trip for the senses, which coexists with the cinematographic image. The staging will be performed next 24th of November, at 20.00, in the Auditorium (Paraninfo) of the UA.

"In this spectacle we wanted to escape from the romantic love to capture it in its most wild and scientific aspects: how does the brain chemistry act when the love at first sight is produced and what mechanisms are activated when this ends and we stay in love with a person our whole life", Mario G. Sáez, one of the creators and interprets of the play says. The idea of the spectacle came from the homonym poem by Muñoz Rojas, which Álvaro Pombo included in La fortuna de Matilda Turpin: «We are fast cheetahs. We love each other at one hundred and ten kilometres per hour for fifty consecutive minutes. -¿And then what? -Then we go to the den to eat the young baby gazelle, which both we have hunted».

By moving away of the common places, it proposes a scientific and analytical analysis of the processes of falling in love through the images which transmit emotions throughout the moving bodies and their relations. "In addition to the music, before the spectacle it is projected a video made by Guillem Morales which moves on the grounds of the metaphor, where the characters appear in a natural environment, as if it was a documentary of the National Geographic", G. Sáez explains amused.

Erre que Erre obtained in 2008 the prize Max for the Best Spectacle for Escupir en el tiempo. After, with No pesa el corazón de los veloces it was finalist in the prizes Butaca of Barcelona.

Tickets can be sold in the Compas Bookshop of the UA, Fnac, Servicam and one hour before the performance in the Auditorium of the UA.

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