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One more year, the contest Mulier, Mulieris is opened. It is a platform for the thinking and the dialogue on women, which aim is to provide a space for the artistic creation connected to subjects such as the gender identity, the discrimination, the equality, the autonomy, the goals achieved and the future challenges. Mulier, Mulieris is open to artists of both genders, to the use of any means of expression that involves a plastic creation (painting, photography, video, sculpture, conjunction of different means, etc.), as well as to the way of dealing with this topic from a personal and global point of view.

Artists of any sex, age and nationality may present projects as individuals or groups. If the project is in group, there has to be a spokesperson. Every artist or group will present only one project together with a report. The deadline is from November 16 to December 15 both inclusive at the Museum of the University of Alicante (MUA). The work chosen will be exhibit at the MUA within the activity program of the International Women's Day. Likewise, a financial aid will be available for the purchase of the work.

More information in the attached leaflet.

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