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The Associació d'Escriptors en Llengua Catalana (Association of Writers in Catalan Language, AELC in Catalan) and the UA, with the collaboration of Fnac, organize the writers' meeting of the series Diàlegs a tres. Converses literàries entre escriptors i públic, which will take place next Thursday 19th of November at 20:00. This initiative will get together two authors who speak about each other with the purpose of involving the audience in this literary conversation. The main purpose of this initiative is to escape from the stiffness of the typical conferences or talks through a rigorous content but with a relaxed tone, for involving the audience in the conversation that both authors invited to the session, Julià de Jodar and Francesc Bayarri, will have.

In addition to initiating one of the more rigorous novel trilogies of this new century, Julià de Jòdar (Badalona, 1942) participates in tasks of editing books and writing articles and essays. Jòdar's work is created over the trilogy L'atzar I les ombres, which means to be a view of the Catalan proletariat of the 1950s until the transition. Two titles have arisen from this ambitious project: L'àngel de la segona mort (1997), where this fight for surviving takes place around a murder, and El trànsit de les fades (2001), where that fight takes place around a tragic love and death story. Both novels have been recognised by some awards given by the critics, and the author has said that the trilogy will be completed with the novel A la recerca de l'heroi proletari català. In addition to a short stories book, he wrote another novel, L'home que va estimar Natàlia Vidal, which won in 2002 the prize Prudenci Bertrana.

Francesc Bayarri was born in Almàssera (L'Horta) in 1961. He is a journalist and a writer. He has written the novels L'avió del migdia, which won the Valencian Prize of Literature in 2001, Febrer i Cita a Sarajevo, prize of the Valencian Writers of 2007. He has also participating in the writing of the collective book Nosaltres, exvalencians. As a journalist he has worked in the journals El País (between 1990-1996), Levante-EMV (1986) and Noticias al Día (1982-1983). He was the first person in the news of Ràdio 9, the Valencian regional radio, in the year 1989. Nowadays he is part of the Board of Governors of Valencians pel Canvi. And he belongs to the Unió de Periodistes Valencians, organization in which he was a secretary for a decade. He works in the University of Valencia, where he manages the institution's weekly journal.

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