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First International Forum Youth and Gender Violence

The University of Alicante participates in the I Foro Internacional Juventud y Violencia de Género (First International Forum Youth and Gender Violence) organized by the Ministry of Equality, through the Instituto de la Juventud. The Foro will be held in Madrid next 23rd and 24th of November with the purpose of opening an International stage adequate for the debate and interchange about gender violence among the youngest.

From its firm compromise with the gender matters and its most emphatic rejection to violence, the University of Alicante will participate in this forum with the carrying out of some audiovisual works which will be exhibited uninterruptedly in the sala de espacios creativos (creative spaces room) of the Foro. The audiovisuals, created by the Taller de Imagen de la Fundación General de la UA, are based in the exhibitions Escudos de papel, Del Morado al negro and the three sessions made up to now of Mulier Mulieris. All works of this exhibitions belong to the own core of the Museo de la Universidad de Alicante (Museum of the University of Alicante).

The Vice President of Extracurricular Activities, Josefina Bueno, will travel to Madrid to participate in the planned acts for the 24th of November. Bueno assures that "it is very important that this kind of initiatives related to youth are made, as the UA has been doing since four years ago", because according to some data published by the Ministery, a 30% of women who where murdered by their partners where under 30 years old and the 40% of the restraining orders were passed to protect the same part of the population.

The forum, which tries to get together more than 1.000 youth from Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe, is held in the Hotel Auditórium (Avda. de Aragón, 400) and it is intended for representatives of youth entities and for people under 30.

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