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The town of Cocentaina opens the events organized by the University of Alicante in order to commemorate the International Day against Domestic Violence with an exhibition called Del morado al negro: violencia de género a través de la prensa gráfica alicantina (From purple to black: domestic violence through the Alicante graphic press). The opening took place at the Centre Social Real Blanc in Cocentaina on November 9th at 8pm. The ceremony was chaired by the mayor of Cocentaina, Francisco Briet, and the Vice President for Extracurricular Activities, Josefina Bueno. It also was attended by the curator of the exhibition, Ángel García Catalá, the President for the Secretariat of University Extension, Charo Navalón, and the director of the MUA (Museum of the University of Alicante), Mauro Hernández.

The exhibition, which is part of the MUA funds, consists of about twenty images courtesy of 11 photojournalists from different media of Alicante. It is a public denunciation which aim is to make aware the governments, the public and private institutions, the local authorities, the associations and private individuals about the necessity of ending with any offence against dignity, integrity and woman's life. According to the curator of the exhibition, "we think that, as the topic is quite tough, it has to be presented as it is nowadays, showing the shocking images that affect us because of its irrationality".

Ángel García states that "the photos show victim's and abusers' faces and move us away from the anonymous figures creating a people's jury who impose an unanimous sentence, a solid support against the cruel domestic violence". The aim is to present the audience this serious human and social tragedy from the visual references, which are nearer as regards the geography and the time; this is, through press photos that show almost every day the fear, pain and helplessness that hundreds of women have suffered in our province during the last years.

The photojournalists of this exhibition are Rafa Arjones, José Manuel Carratalá, Pilar Cortés and J. P. Reina for the newspaper Información; Alex Domínguez, Francisco Guillén, José Iglesias and Roberto Milán for Las Provincias; Pep García Morell and Manuel Lorenzo for the Agencia EFE and Leslie Hevesi, for El Mundo.

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