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Within the framework of the Spanish Constitution Day, the Archivo de la Democracia de la UA has organized the second edition of the course "La España Constitucional. Debates Abiertos (Spain and Constitution. Open Debates), which will take place on November 23 and 27 at 8:15 p.m. at the University Venue in Alicante. In this course, coordinated by the professor of Constitutional Law of the UA, Manuel Alcaraz, the topics analysed are top issues such as the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act, the right to work, the historic memory, the religious freedom and the debates on the development of the Constitution, in which will participate distinguished experts.

According to Alcaraz, "the objective of this conferences is to think about the different aspects of the reality linked to the Constitution, which is in constant change and which developes through time and takes part directly in the everyday life of the citizens, because the best way of celebrating the Constitution is, besides reading it, debating on it". The course will open with the speech "Políticas de igualdad: la Ley de Interrupción Voluntaria del Embarazo" (Egalitarian Policies: Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act), by the ex-minister of Culture and President of the Equality Committee of the Spanish Congress of Deputies, Carmen Calvo.

On November 24, the president of Aprise-Promocions (a solidarity economy network), Daniel Jover Torregrosa, will talk about the right to work in times of crisis. On November 25, Josefina Cuesta, professor of Contemporary History of the University of Salamanca and author of the reference bibliography about the topic, will analyse the existing debates on the historic memory. On November 26, at 8:30pm, the secretary general of the Association of Theologians and Theologians Juan XXIII, Juan José Tamayo, will give the conference "Esperando la Ley de Libertad Religiosa" (Waiting for the Religious Freedom Act). Finally, on November 27, the course will close with the speech "El desarrollo de la Constitución. Debates y Proyectos" (The development of the Constitution. Debates and Projects), by the Secretary of State for Constitutional and Parliamentary Affairs, José de Francisco.

The event is free, but attendance is limited by the room capacity.

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