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Next 1st of December, coinciding with the closure of the II Semana Cultural Rumana de Alicante (II Romanian Cultural Week of Alicante) and the National Day of Romania, the play “Stop the Tempo”, by Gianina Carbunariu, will be performed by the company Por qué no, directed by Valentin Potrivitu, in the Auditorium (Paraninfo) of the UA at 20.00. The play is framed in the cultural interchange of the University of Alicante with Romania, a relationship which started in the late 1990’s to promote the cultural interchange and to strengthen the links which join both countries.

In relation to the play, it is worth to mention that the text has been written by one of the representatives of a new generation of Romanian artists who capture new techniques in nonconformist spectacles. Likewise, the text has been translated from the original Romanian by students of the subject “Rumano, Lengua D” of Translation and Interpreting of the UA. As the coordinator of the project and director of the Venue Ciudad de Alicante, Catalina Iliescu, says: “In 2005 Autores Rumanos Contemporáneos started in Alicante (ARCA), organized by the Office of the Vice President of Extracurricular Activities with the collaboration of the Instituto Cultural Rumano and UNITER, which had the purpose to make an interchange of theatre plays of young Romanian and Spanish women authors. The Romanian author chosen was Gianina Carbunariu and the Spanish one was Laila Ripoll”.

The selected students who chose Romanian as D Language for the first time, Dalila Niño, David Grau, Fernanda Bozio del Mastro, Marta Cano, Laura Mas, Santiago Mas and Ana Ortuño, wrote a rough draft translation of the text of Carbunariu. After that, the students travelled to Bucharest, where they “spoke with the author and raised the doubts they have had and they visited the place where the play was first performed. They finished the translation when they came back to Spain under the revision of Iliescu. At the same time, three Romanian students, Roxana Antochi, Ioana Brumar and Bianca Sandu, travelled to Alicante with the same purpose. They contacted with Ripoll and interchanged their experiences with the students of the UA”. With the definitive text already in his hands, Valentin Potrivitu carried out the staging which will be opened in the Auditorium. “The experience -Iliescu points out- was captured in the bilingual book “Teatro con voz de mujer”, which was published in 2008 by an important Romanian publishing house”.

In which refers to the subject matter, “Stop the Tempo” presents three youngsters in the Bucharest of the late 1990’s who, at the age of twenty, experience the same disappointments regarding the promise of freedom and prosperity of the new order that their parents felt, and their legacy are the frustrations due to the years of the dictatorship and the material goals as a justification of the existential dissatisfactions.

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