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"We think that the present time is so dense and exhausting for many people, above all for the poor ones, and we are risking so much at this moment of crisis that we must deal with it now from this forum, which is at the University Venue in Alicante". With these words, Ginés Pardo, coordinator of the conference series "MIRADAS AL PRESENTE" (Facing the present), explains why this series are going to take place on November 5 at the University Venue in Alicante. The first of the speeches is "Cómo afecta esta crisis a nuestro estar en el planeta" (How this crisis affects our presence in the planet) and Carlos Díaz Hernández, professor of philosophy in the Complutense University of Madrid, will be in charge of it.

According to Pardo, "the series, which is celebrated for the first time, comes up from the reflection of the group Diálogo Fe-Cultura, in which I work, about the suitability, almost necessity, of talking about the present time with those interested in knowing "first-hand" what the believers and the Church think actually". Ginés Pardo thinks that "occasionally the way we think is misinterpreted", so this forum that offers the University of Alicante "is an opportunity to present in public and in a broad-minded way all these matters".

The attendance to the "Miradas al Presente" sessions is free and limited to the room capacity. It will take place at 8:15pm.


Thursday November 5, 2009
CÓMO AFECTA ESTA CRISIS A NUESTRO ESTAR EN EL PLANETA (How this crisis affects our presence in the planet). Carlos Díaz Hernández. Professor of philosophy in the Complutense University of Madrid. Founder and director of the International Institute "Emmanuel Mounier".

Thursday November 26, 2009
MIRAR DESDE LAS INSTITUCIONES EUROPEAS (A look from the European Institutions). Fernando López de Rego. Jurist of the OHIM (Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market).

Thursday February 4, 2010
LA MIRADA OBRERA (Labour's point of view). Joan Sifré. Ex-secretary of the Workers' Commissions of the Comunidad Valenciana.

Thursday February 25, 2010
MIRAR DESDE ÁFRICA (A LOOK FROM AFRICA). Round Table. Participants: Felicitas Fernández, high school teacher, present in Rwanda. She is a member of the NGO "KARIT"; Conchi Bellot Cantó, elementary school teacher, collaborates with "Campamentos Solidarios" (Asociación Española de Ecoturismo Activo) in Senegal; Teo, Cameroonian resident in Spain, promoter of the NGO "Amigos de Camerún de la C. Valenciana".

Thursday March 11, 2010
LA MIRADA DESDE LA DOCTRINA SOCIAL DE LA IGLESIA (A look from the social doctrine of the Church). Fernando Rodríguez Trives, bachelor of Moral Theology, professor of the Teologado Diocesano and of the Instituto Superior de Ciencias Religiosas and Episcopal Vicar of Alicante.

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