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The band will present its new album on the 17th of November, in the Auditorium

Next Tuesday 17th of November, at 20:00, the Auditorium (Paraninfo) of the UA will welcome the concert of Cómplices, one of the more successful bands of the 1990s, composed by Teo Cardalda and María Monsonís. The Galician band will make a revision of its entire course and will present the singles of its new record Reencarnación, which has taken them to a broad tour in the national territory and in Mexico.

Cómplices was born in 1987, when Teo Cardalda and Germán Copinni decided to break their previous band, Golpes bajos. Cardalda decided to create Cómplices with his couple María Monsonís and the musicians Tino di Geraldo and Billy Villegas. Their first album, published in 1988, was called Manzanas. The fame of this group increased with the publication in 1989 of Ángeles desangelados. La danza de la ciudad (1990) reaffirmed Cómplices as one of the best groups of our country, thanks to singles as “Es por ti”. In 1991 they published Está llorando el sol, with a remarkable success. In 1993 Preguntas y flores came out and, one year later, they made an acoustic concert called Básico. After this work, Cómplices took a break, although Teo made some collaborations and prepared his solo debut with the album Uno (1995).

The return of Cómplices took place in 1999. Cousas de meigas fell in thematic of their natal Galicia, and after that the couple decided to revitalize ideas in India for their return with Cómplices in 2000. The group, with the purpose of profiting the date and for making an evaluation of their more than ten years of existence, put up on sale the compilation album Complicidad, where there best moments were shown. In 2001 María decided to leave the duo to forget the bustle of the tours and recordings. In 2006 they published their last work Hellow Mundo Cruel. In 2007, in the Premios de la Música (Music Prizes), the song Nunca mais received the award for the best song.

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