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Next 2nd of December, at 20.00, the concert of the soprano and harpist Arianna Savall (Basel, Switzerland, 1972) will take place in the Auditorium (Paraninfo) of the UA. She will present Bella Terra and Peiwoh. Arianna is the daughter of the famous violagambista, musicologist and conductor Jordi Savall, and she is a specialist in ancient music and in historic harps. In the recital, the artist will play songs from her last works, where poetry and music melt into several languages, colours and sounds.

According to Savall, "Bella Terra is the result of a long process of search and maturation, which starts at home. By singing and playing instruments with some friends we awaken the search for voice and harp, for freedom and rhythm and, above all, for the passion for small things, simple but essential. Through the Catalan Miquel Martí i Pol I met a close world, which speaks about love and pain, and which is full of the desire for living in the moment".

In Peiwoh "there are various languages, colours and sounds that I heard when I was a child and lived in Switzerland, at home with my parents, with friends and musicians, and in each of those languages, colours and sounds it is expressed and I identify a part of myself. Each language has its rhythm, its melody, which is modulated in a different way and which determines and provides inspiration to the nature and style of the song. Poetry is one of the Essentials bases of this musical path".

Peiwoh is an inspiration of diverse traditions which, as she says, have helped her to create and give a voice to her musical world. "One of the sources from which I have drunk the most is ancient music and the art of improvisation: some sources which are infinite". "Since the moment I started writing songs -she continued-, the idea of using the triple harp was evident for me; I was fascinated for the depth and subtlety of the Italian baroque harp. Its surround sound is very varied and it is different from all the others, because, although it is a baroque instrument, it has many modern and rich possibilities in colours and sounds, which adapt to the spirit of my songs and caress gently the voice without hiding it".

Arianna Savall
Voice, triple harp, gothic harp, Celtic harp and Tibetan bowl

Petter Johansen
Voice, mandolin and haringfele

Miquel Ángel Cordero
Double bass

Tickets can be bought in the Compas bookshop of the UA, Fnac, Servicam and one hour before the concert in the Auditorium of the UA.
Price: 10 € (5 € by presenting the TIU of the UA)

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