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The University Venue in Cocentaina of the UA has just opened the registration period for the Winter Courses starting next December 4 and finishing on December 12. This year, the main theme of the courses is the nature, which is a clear homage to the bicentenary of Darwin's birth and the anniversary of the publication of his masterpiece "On the Origin of Species".

The first of them will take place between December 4 and 6 and the title is "Origen y Evolución de los Seres Vivos" (Origin and Evolution of the Living Beings). This course, given by the professor José Enrique Trent, will deal with the fossil as a tool to know the evolution of life on the Earth. The people participating in this course will be the professors of the department of Environment and Earth Sciences, as well as the paleontologists Carlos Lancis and José Francisco Baeza and the sedimentologist Alfonso Yébenes. At the end of the course, the film "Inherit the Wind" will be screened to show the difficulties that the theory of evolution had in order to be part of the compulsory education program.

During those days, there will also be a course called "Conèixer el Clima i Predir el Temps, previndre fenòmens extrems" (Knowing the climate and predicting the weather to prevent the extreme natural phenomena", coordinated by the UA's professor, Enrique Moltó. The objective of the course is to show that, although terms such as cold drop, heat wave or climate change are more and more common, the study of climate is full of nuances, enigmas and doubts and also that the abundance of biased and manipulative viewpoints does not mean good information. In order to achieve this purpose, the course will include sessions with the computer and it will show a technical option that approaches the audience to the weather forecasting, from the direct observation and the examples available on the Internet.

Finally, the course "Las setas de nuestro entorno: gastronomía y tradición" (Mushrooms from our surroundings: gastronomy and tradition) will take place on December 11 and 12. It is meant for university students and the general public and will include a trip to the countryside. The objective is to introduce the students to the mycology showing them the main species of our mountains, specially those edible. The course will end with a section of gastronomy where you can learn, mainly, the ways of preparation and conservation of the mushrooms.
The courses will take place at the University Venue and at the Centre Cultural El Teular in Cocentaina. Registration is necessary before attending any of the courses.

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