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98 sportsmen and sportswomen of the University of Alicante will get the grants given by the Sports Council. The University of Alicante is the fourth in Spain in incomes, with a total amount of 27,306 Euros, after the Basque Country, Barcelona and Valencia.

To get these grants the University of Alicante and the Sports Council value the positive results of last year. Since two years ago, the University of Alicante gives two levels of help for its top sportsman/women. One sticks to the call of the SC and the other belongs to another category in which it is valued the actions of the sportsmen/women of teams which have arrived to the final round of Spanish university championships or to the finals of the Regional Championship of University Sports, as well as to individual sportsmen/women who have got fourths or fifths places in Spanish Championships.

In the first level the subventions go from 350 to 1.277,50 Euros and are given to the sportsman/women considered as High Level according to RD 971/2007. In the University of Alicante there are ten people in this level. The 18 students from Alicante who belong to national teams, the 45 medallists of the Spanish university Championships, the 12 who participated in World Championships, the 6 of the Universiadas and the student of the UA who competed in last Olympic Games will also benefit of these grants.

The University of Alicante is one of the academic institutions of higher education in Spain with more tradition in the grants program of the Sports Council for High Level Sportsmen/women. Its participation in the call dates back to 2002 and from now on it has always been among the first ten both in participation in university championships and in the results obtained, as well as in the amount of the grants. In the latter eight years, over a hundred students from Alicante have profited yearly from this economic aids.

In that sense and to complete the economic aids, the UA keeps as a maxim in its training program the well-rounded education of its students. For this reason, from 2002 it started up a program of Support for the University Sportsmen/women in which over 600 students are participating this year. Through it, some specific aids and special tutelage are given to the sportsman/women who represent the UA in inter-university championships of any kind and discipline.

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