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Next February 5, the University Venue in Alicante will receive a documentary double feature. A new edition of El Documental del Mes (The Documentary of the Month) will be shown at 6:00pm. This time, the documentary chosen is "Pecados de mi padre" (Sins of my father), by Nicolás Entel, which tells the story of the Medellín Cartel's leader, Pablo Escobar, through his son, Sebastián, and his widow, María Isabel Santos. "Temps d'aigua" (Water times) will be shown at 8:00pm. It is a film half of way between the fiction and the documentary, which focuses on subjects such as the identity and the extinction, approaching the people who still live near the Albufera of Valencia.

Pecados de mi padre (Sins of my father)
It has been selected in important film festivals such as Sundance 2010. Nicolás Entel's film tells the extraordinary childhood of Sebastián next to his father, who was loved by many people but who was also the number one enemy of Colombia. The film relates a time in which the luxuries and extravagances contrasted with the periods of persecution. The son and the widow open the doors of their house in order to share secret and private documents with us.

However, this is also the story of the most prominent victims of Escobar: the Minister of Justice and a politician who was about to become the new president of Colombia, just two examples among the hundreds of victims of the drug-trafficker during the 80s. Now, Sebastián tries to end with the revenge and looks for the reconciliation with the descendants of his father's victims.

The director, Nicolás Entel, was born in Buenos Aires, where he graduated in Film Direction. He currently lives in New York and is founding partner of Red Creek Productions since 2001, one of the largest Latino owned production companies especially of advertising, but it also offers production services for television and cinema.

Temps d'aigua (Water times)
The film was made with a great number of film notes about the ways of life in danger of extinction. All the ethnographic material is written in first person, telling the story of an allegorical figure who embarks on a voyage in search of its origins. Its main feature is the anthropological intention and the poetic point of view. The film approaches the people who still live near the Albufera of Valencia, their rhythms and ancient rites, especially focusing on the life of the last "natives", some teenagers living in the neighbourhood of Tremolar and the existence of new immigrant settlers. The name of the neighbourhood means "tremor". It is an explicit echo of the changes threatening inexorably a group of people and their culture.

Entrance is free but seats are limited due to room capacity.

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