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The Vicerectorate for Extracurricular Activities of the University of Alicante presents the program of scenic arts for the second semester of the Auditorium (Paraninfo), which incorporates 16 spectacles of music, theatre and dance. According to the director of the Secretariat for Culture, Carles Cortés, in the new poster "the spectacles included are alternative and representative of different styles, addressed to a young audience, a complementary program for the university training of our students".

Some of the most outstanding proposals for this season are the music of Ismael Serrano and Quique González, the commitment for the classical theatre by the prestigious company Atalaya, the contemporary dance of Taita and the concert of the XXth Anniversary of the string quartet Almus, with the participation of the Philharmonic Orchestra of the UA, which has the Presidency of Honour of HRH the Queen of Spain.


The first spectacle will be the concert of the group from Alcoy Arthur Caravan, organized by Acció Cultural del País Valencià (ACPV), which will take place on the 2nd of February. The quintet, with a live performance "warm and forceful", defines its music as a combination of "Ovidi Montllor, the mediterranean taste of Remigi Palmero and Pep Laguarda & Tapineria, the feel of Can or Velvet Underground and the lyricism of the French Nouvelle Chanson".

In the framework of the Ist Days of the Alcover Project, whose aim is the promotion of the Catalan culture in Valencia, Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, the Catalo-Andorran band Lexu's will get on stage on the 3rd of February. With some awarded and recognized records on its back, Lexu's will present on an acoustic instrument its best songs. Also in the frame of the Days, on the 4th of February the band from Alcoy Verdcel will pay a tribute to the Nova Cançó (New Song) with the audiovisual concert "PetjAdeS", where it will interpret songs of its own and versions of Raimon.

On the 10th of February, Quique González will present his new album, "Daiquiri blues", in which in addition to an important composing and interpretative work there is a production by Bard Jones "with a handmade and warm atmosphere". "Daiquiri blues" suggests the idea "of a bit of paradise in hell and a bit of hell in paradise".

On the 24th of February, the concert of Dei Suoni will take place. In it, the band of Alicante will present its second work "Islands in the string", an album which "travels around different resounding landscapes of pop, folk, rock and slowpop", the group assures.

On the 12th of March the pop rock band from Alicante El Pacto will act and will present its debut record "Hoy es un buen día".

On the 21st of April the concert which commemorates the XX Anniversary of the String Quartet Almus will take place. The performance will have the participation of the Philharmonic Orchestra of the UA. This concert has the Presidency of Honour of HRH the Queen of Spain.

On the 27th of April "Batá" will get to the stage. It is a new project inside the singer-songwriter in the País Valencià, organized by ACPV. "With a personal poetic and sonorities characteristics of songs, a careful staging and a delicate work of vocal melodies, the concert has some tints, sometimes intimists, sometimes full of irony and criticism with more explicit texts".

On the 28th of April, Ismael Serrano will act in the Auditorium (Paraninfo) in the framework of the tour "Acuérdate de vivir". The title of the record is taken from one of the legends which accompanied the old sundials, Memento vivere (Remember to live). According to the words of Serrano in the presentation of the tour: "Although the city sometimes seems Fort Apache about to give in, although sometimes your sadness emits a very sweet perfume and the bodies go out, remember to live. In this world of routine emergencies it is crucial to remember it. Memento vivere".

Theatre and dance

"Sentiments", the first theatre performance, will take place on the 9th of February, by Assaig. Grup de Teatre de la Universitat de València. Sentiments is a text of collective creation directed by Pep Sanchis.

On the 16th and 17th of February, at 20.00 and 11.00 respectively, the play by Lope de Vega "Quien todo lo quiere", will be presented. ACTUA Teatro is in charge of it, with the collaboration of the Drama Classroom of the UA. This comedy, directed by Juan Luis Mira and created in the phase of creative maturity of Lope de Vega, goes around the affairs of Otavia, whose heart seems to prefer shady interests rather than unselfish feelings. This play was produced by the Sociedad Estatal de Conmemoraciones Culturales inside the program "Las huellas de la barraca".

On the 16th of March it will be the turn of the Compañía Teatro de la Sombra, which will represent "Un hombre sencillo", by the renowned actor Rafael Calvo. The thematic of the spectacle goes around a fundamental question: Is it easy to be easy?

Activities for the 8th of March. International Women's Day

In the sphere of the celebration of the activities that the UA organizes to celebrate the International Women's Day several acts will take place in the Auditorium: on the 3rd of March, the Centro Andaluz de Teatro and the company Atalaya will present the play "Ariadna". The prestigious company of classical theatre celebrates its first quarter century through a coproduction with the Centro Andaluz de Teatro, which this year has its 20th birthday.

On the 4th of March, the company Taitat Dansa with the spectacle "La otra parte", will show the "darkest and the most hidden human side, the violence which we generate and keep inside". The play was a self production of the festival VEO 2009.

On the 10th of March, the company Saineters will present the dramatic comedy "Casa matriu", in which a firm supplies substitutive mothers.

Reading Week

On the 23rd of April, to celebrate the Book Day and in the frame of the Reading Week, "La sonrisa de Miguel", will arrive to the Aditorium by Jácara Teatro, directed by Juan Luis Mira, a play to pay a tribute to Miguel Hernández which starts from the original idea of showing the parallelism between life and poetry of the poet and the blues essence.

Openings of the Drama Classrooms and Music of the Secretariat for Culture

As in previous years, during the month of May the opening of the Drama Classrooms and Music of the Secretariat for Culture will be made, as well as the performances of the Orchestra of the University of Granada, directed by Gabriel Delgado, and also of the symphonic-choral groups of the Conservatori Guitarrista José Tomás d'Alacant, directed by Francisco Amaya and Patricia Peinado.

Figures of the first semester

Around 6.000 spectators attended the 14 spectacles of the program of scenic arts of the Auditorium of the UA during the first semester of the academic year, from October to December. As in previous years, these spectacles were useful to reinforce the artistic training of the university community, as well as to complete the cultural offer that the UA offers to the society in Alicante and its region.

"Històries de reis i bufons", by Xavi Castillo, with 808 spectators, was the most seen play. Regarding music, the tribute to Mario Benedetti, by the songwriter Daniel Viglietti, got 520 spectators together. The concert of Cómplices also got a great success of audience, with over 400 spectators.

The spectacles offered in the morning for the centres of Secondary Education got the full capacity of the Auditorium. 800 students attended the theatre play "Pare la burra… el mus si cal", by Saineters. "Sólo un pequeño aumento", by the Teatro Universitario of the UA got the same figures, and so did "La historia del rock", directed by Santiago Iglesias.

Tickets and invitations
At the public disposal on the 20th of January, 2010. Entrance limited to the capacity of the room.

Sale of tickets
Compas Bookshop UA, Servicam, Fnac and one hour before the start of the spectacle in the Auditorium of the UA.

Attention: sale of tickets for the concerts of Quique González and Ismael Serrano in Red Ticketmaster ( Tel. 902 15 00 25), Fnac, Carrefour, Caixa Galicia (, Compas Bookshop UA and one hour before the start of the spectacle in the Auditorium of the UA.

Collection of invitations
Aifos room. Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 14.00 and Monday to Thursday from 16.00 to 19.00.

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