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All we that inhabit this "developed world" live in an environment of competitiveness, stress, hurry, traffic, noise, tension and responsibility. This pressure plunges us in a delicate balance where the organism is overburdened, tense, blocked, almost without time to recover, plunging us in stress, a low physical and intellectual performance, the difficulty for attention and concentration and the emotional discomfort. This rhythm leads us to live in a way completely external to out body, making our organism's claims and emotions silent to avoid them distorting out agenda.

We need to get back in our daily life a space for stopping and going into our personal space, without paying attention to external requests.

This TALLER DE CONCIENCIA CORPORAL (BODY CONSCIENCE WORKSHOP) is above all a space to recover the dialog with our body, to learn to hear it to recover the balance and the harmony in our lives. For this purpose we will use tools like yoga, chi-kung, body expression and techniques for relaxing and breathing, creating an internal space for listening and understanding, which is meditation.

Music will also come with us in this trip (music of the world - Africa, India, Turkey, the Far East -, classical music, instrumental, etc) to move the body but also to connect with calmness by feeling the music in our body to achieve relaxation and silence from it.

We propose a space of active health where gestate the conditions for a healthy life. It is about becoming aware of our body through movement, breath and concentration, by respecting our own rhythm, our limits, without forcing, from the hearing and the respect.

By travelling the geography of our body, we will relax tensions, we will free energy block and we will leave aside anxiety to recover our internal calm.

Out health is a system in permanent balance. If we want to improve it, we need to dedicate time, from the compromise and perseverance. As a result this workshop is conceived for all the academic year, in sessions of one hour twice a week.

Benefits of these practices:

At a physical level:

- They improve our body regarding flexibility, balance and coordination.
- They re-educate postural bad habits, improving thus back pains and muscular pains.
- They reduce stress and anxiety and their symptoms (insomnia, headache, irritability, etc.)
- They improve the circulatory system and decrease the heart attack risk.
- They strengthen the immunological system and regulate the digestive system.

At a mental level:

- They facilitate concentration and the capacity of attention.
- They improve the intellectual performance.

At an emotional level:

- They boost both health and emotional balance.


Classes will be practical, by integrating the collection of tools that we will use to develop the body conscience: yoga, chi-kung, body expression, techniques of breathing, relaxing, displaying and meditating.

ADDRESSED TO: all university community, and in general to every person who need it or who wish to have some tools to manage stress and to boost the conscious relation with his/her body-mind.

MAXIMUM NUMBER OF STUDENTS PER CLASS: with the objective of giving a personal service and trucking of the progress of the participants, the maximum number of students per class will be limited to 20.


Elena García Navarro. Psychologist. Teacher of yoga qualified by the European Union of Yoga. Nowadays she works as psychotherapist and combines this work by giving workshops related to health and the emotional development.

Carlos Mateo Ripoll. Sociologist. Teacher of yoga qualified by the European Union of Yoga. Chi-kung instructor. Trained in meditation techniques in India and Thailand.

INVESTMENT: 40 Euros monthly.

Group 1: Monday and Wednesday from 14'15 to 15'15h.
Group 2: Tuesday and Thursday from 14'15 to 15'15h.
Group 3: Monday and Wednesday from 19 a 20h.

Enrolment from the7th of January 2010.
It is possible to join at any time during the year.

Polyvalent room of the MUA (Sala Polivalente del MUA)

Mª José Parra
Tel. 965 90 98 28 / 965 90 38 87
Place: Caseta nº 14, next to Image Workshop (Taller de Imagen)
(Campus of the University of Alicante).

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