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The University Venue in Alicante offers from February 16 to May 20 a new edition of the season "Cine en Versión Original Subtitulado" (Cinema in original version with subtitles), which is a workshop organised by the Secretariat for Culture and it is addressed, on the one hand, to students interested in the cinema as an artistic expression and want to go into the analysis of the films in depth and, on the other hand, to the public in general, who can attend the showings without being enrolled and for free. The films will be introduced by an UA's professor or by a film critic.

The first showing will be "Bogdanovich en los Setenta" (Bogdanovich in the 70's). "The last picture show" (1971) will be shown on February 16 and 18 and "Paper moon" (1973) on February 23 and 25.

In March, the season will focus on Kurosawa's birth centenary, and it is called "Kurosawa 100". The first part of "Shichinin no samurai" (Seven Samurai, 1954) will be shown on March 2 and 4; and the second part on March 9 and 11; and on March 16 and 18 we can watch the first part of "Dersu Uzala" (1975) and the second part will be shown on March 23 and 25.

April will focus on "Bergman Medieval" (Bergman medieval tradition). "Det sjunde inseglet" (The Seventh Seal, 1957) will be shown on April 20 and 22, "Jungfrukällan" (The Virgin Spring, 1960) on April 27 and 29.

Finally, we can watch in May "Las Raíces de Ford" (Ford's roots). "The informer" (1935) will be shown on May 4 and 6; "How green was my valley" (1941) on 11 and 13, and "The quiet man" (1952) on 18 and 20.

The films will start at 7:30pm on Tuesdays and at 8:30pm on Thursdays. Entrance is free but seats are limited due to room capacity.

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