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The University Venue in Alicante will open next February 8, at 8pm, the seminar Infotograf@s counting on the presence of Matías Nieto Koenig (Madrid, 1968), a photo-documentalist that has worked in films such as "El camino de los ingleses", "Tesis" and "El Bola", among others. Koenig, who started to work in the cinema with the film "La marrana" in 1992, has carried out a great number of film and television projects with directos such as Antonio Banderas, Luis G. Berlanga, Mario Camus, José Luis Cuerda, Amenábar, Mariano Barroso, Adolfo Aristarain, Jaques Weber, Daniel Monzón and Antonio Mercero,among others. Nieto Koenig will give the speech "Sobre el futuro incierto de la fotografía. Una aproximación a los problemas actuales y futuros de la fotografía documental" (About the uncertain future of photography. An approach to the current and future problems of the documentary photography).

Infotógraf@s, organized by the Asociación Escritores de Luces de la UA (ELUA) and the University Venue in Alicante, tries to study in depth the different aspects of the current photography (documentary, photojournalistic, conservation and historical) through the viewpoint of different experts in the subject. On February 15, the speech "La conservación de fotografía para el futuro" (The conservation of photography for the future) will be give by the curator of art and professor of the University Miguel Hernández in exhibition planning and design, commission and conservation of photography, Gertrudis Gómez, coordinator, among others, of the exhibition of La Luz de las Imágenes "La Faz de la Eternidad" (The face of Eternity); director of the exhibition planning and design and curator of the works belonging to the exhibition "Asiria" of the British Musem at the MARC; assistant principal of the department of Art at the institute Gil-Albert and currently the coordinator of the project carried out by the Patronato Municipal de Cultura in the old tabacco grower for the creation the Centro de Cultura Contemporánea "Las Cigarreras".

On February 22, the photojournalist Ángel García Catalá, from the newspaper Costa Blanca Nachrichten (CBN), will give the speech "Una mirada crítica: el paisaje alicantino" (A crititcal look: Alicante landscape), about the environmental deterioration in our province. García Catalá has worked as graphic editor in newspapers such as El Mundo, La Verdad and El periódico de Alicante and, since 2003, in the CBN. In 2003 and 2004, he coordinated the catalog and the exhibition "Fotorreporteros: un año de fotoperiodismo en Alicante" (Photoreporters: one year of photojournalism in Alicante), organized by the Asociación de la Prensa de Alicante and the CAM, and has carried out many collective and individual exhibitions.

Finally, on March 1, the photographer, professor and president of the ELUA, Javier Serrano, will give the speech "El neorrealismo italiano y español" (The Italian and Spanish Neorealism). Serrano has participated in different collective and individual exhibitions such as "Soledad de Soledades" (Solitude of Solitudes), "Guitarras en la Sede" (Guitars in the venue), "La ciudad lejana" (The far city) and "30 palabras 30" (30 words of 30). Nowadays, he also gives workshops and courses, for instance, the workshop "El Arte de la Fotografía en Blanco y Negro" (The art of the photography in black and white) at the UA and the course "La Fotografía un Arte, su historia" (The photography an art, its history), at the Permanent University of the UA. The entrance is free, but attendance is limited due to room capacity. The enrolled people will have priority. For more information call 965145333.

Exhibition of photographers selected by the ELUA

During the seminar, the photographic exhibition "Escritores de luces" will take place at the Venue, where the members of the ELUA Miguel Ángel García Cabrerizo and José Antonio Ramírez will show their best works. The opening ceremony will take place on February 3, at 8:15pm, at the Sala Polivalente of the University Venue in Alicante, and it will be open until February 16.

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