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"Un paseo por El Salvador" (A walk across El Salvador) will open to the public next February 2 at the Sala Trànsit I. It is a photographic exhibition organized by the ONGD Terra Pacífico, which is a non-governmental development organisation that focuses on the rebuilding of homes in the Departamento de Morazán in El Salvador with the active participation of the residents. The exhibition counts on the collaboration of the Secretariat for Culture of the UA and its aim is to show to the public the development process of an international cooperation project, where the main characters of the transformation are the inhabitants of that place.

According to Lourdes Casanova, a member of Terra Pacífico: "All the NGDO works with a counterpart organisation, that is, another country's association to explain which are their needs and to assess the situation. We count on the collaboration of an architect from El Salvador who carries out this task and looks for potential solutions". Although there were other problems in the Departamento de Morazán, the main was the rebuilding of the shanty towns and the plumbing.

After analysing the problem, the NGDO carries out campaigns and other activities in order to collect money from public institutions and private companies and adds it to the public subsides. "When this stage finishes, we continue with the project", affirms Casanova, "we go to the country, where we buy the materials and contract the workers to pump money into the local economy". Likewise, we offer workshops for training the people in tasks related to the building and, indirectly, others related to the situation of women".

The final aim "is that the inhabitants learn how to carry out other buildings by themselves and lead their own change", says Casanova. The 45 photographs of the exhibition show the participation of the inhabitants of El Salvador in the building of their homes, the first image and the last one of the construction and the life of their owners from that moment onwards. The exhibition will be open until February 9. The entrance is free.

Attached file: El estado final de las viviendas

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