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The University Venue in Alicante will receive next Wednesday January 22, at 8:15pm, a new edition of the series "El Documental del Mes" (The Documentary of the Month), which offers the documentaries not shown in commercial circles. This time, it has been chosen the documentary "Pensioners INC", by Bertram Verhaag. It is about Vita Needle, a company of needles and tubes where the employees average age is 74 years. Original version in English with Catalan subtitles.

The company president, Frederik Hartmann, has blind faith in his 35 employees, who have helped to improve the sales of the company 100%. These employees "hired for life" like Mary, Marion, Paul, Tom, Ann and Rosa, all of them between 75 and 96 years old, have found a new home, are happy in their community and are essential. They are loyal, have a strong sense of responsibility and are very motivated. They do not care about rivalries or the struggles for power. Thanks to the flexible hours of work, they have enough time for their grandchildren, their doctor appointments and the gymnastics.

In their interviews, the elder employees show pleasantly their feeling of security. Full of joy and vitality, they explain how happy they are working together, and they also talk about the dream they all share: continue going up the stairs that lead to the production room as long as possible. The innovative view of Hartmann questions those attitudes of our society that often considers that the people aged 50 years and above are virtually incompetent.

The director Bertram Verhaag was born in Sosnowitz (Poland) in 1944. He studied sociology and economy, and graduated at the University of Television and Film of Munich in 1975. In 1976, he founded the producer DENKmal-FILM with Claus Striegel. Together they have directed, written and produced about 90 films for cinema and television.

The event is free, but attendance is limited due to room capacity.

Technical specifications

Director: Bertram Verhaag
Nationality: Germany (2008)
Duration: 52 minutes
Genre: Social

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