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On the 12th of January the term for the registration in the workshops of the Secretariat for Culture corresponding to the second semester of the academic year 2009-2010 will start. These 20 workshops are offered both to the University community and the general public, and they are about theatre, disclosure, visual arts, dance, oratory, writing, journalism, music and cinema.

The program includes some new workshops as Flamenco en la Red, an introductory course through Internet, which emerged as an initiative of the Atalaya Project. The workshop, coordinated by Joaquín Quílez, stresses above all the flamenco as a singular element of the Spanish cultural patrimony.

On the grounds of theatre, there are four new workshops: Accions físiques: el Teatre i la Dansa, given by Paco Macià, whose purpose is to go deeper in the body movements and their use in theatre and dance; I Jornades del Projecte Alcover (I Days of the Alcover Project), coordinated by Carles Cortés, a meeting fórum where the catalan theatre will be analyzed; the Jornadas sobre el Teatro Clásico Español del Siglo de Oro (Days about Spanish Classical Theatre in the Spanish Golden Age), coordinated by Miguel Ángel Auladell, Virgilio Tortosa and Antonio Díez Mediavilla, in which it is intended to constitute a deliberation forum about the state of the investigation and to clarify the elements and importance of the many scenic dynamics from the work by Lope de Vega Arte nuevo de hacer comedias, and Taller de Máscara Neutra, directed by Verónica Lebrón Castaños. According to the professor: "Through the neutral mask we will work the body presence and the discovery of the space with the purpose of developing a greater conscience of our body, both in the movements dimension and in the body-action dimension. This tool involves an excellent work for the pre-expressive levels of the interpretation".

Likewise, those interested can register in other workshops as PhotoShop Aplicado al Arte y la Cultura, Cine en Versión Original, Redacció Publicitària a Internet, Crítica de la televisión, Taller de Comunicación Oral and Percusión Flamenca, among others.

Enrolment procedure
The enrolment can be made in the Cultural Information Point (PIC), located in the ground floor of the Auditorium (Paraninfo), by phone in the number 965 90 37 25, through the e-mail and online.

The receipt of the registration can be made in any cash dispenser of the CAM, of the tellers of Telebanco 4B, Bancaja, Caja Murcia or in any office of the CAM, Banco de Santander, Bancaja or Caja Murcia.

The amount of the course must be paid in the term indicated in the moment of the registration.

Rates refund
It will be made in accordance to the rules of the special courses of the UA. Once the workshop has started, the application for the rates refund won't be accepted.

The UA will give the corresponding certificate to the students who pass the courses. This certificate will have the indication of its equivalent in hours.

The Secretariat for Culture will point out the system of final evaluation of each workshop for the obtaining of the certificate.

If the number of students registered in the courses and workshops doesn't reach the minimum established, the Secretariat for Culture can decide their cancellation.

List of workshops
You can consult the whole list of workshops here

For further information
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