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The University of Alicante, through the Permanent University, the City Hall of Alicante and other City Halls of the province and the FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE have presented today in the Auditorium (Paraninfo) of the UA the campaign "CON MAYOR CUIDADO", whose purpose is to give information to old people about the main risks that can be in their homes. Throughout videos, outreach guides and workshops, some recommendations and advices have been transmitted to prevent accidents and to know how to act in emergency situations. The activity is part of an educational strategy that the Permanent University of the UA promotes for a healthy ageing.

The campaign is based on the "Estudio de investigación sobre seguridad en el domicilio de personas mayores" (Research about the security in the houses of old people), made by FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE, in which the main risks for old people in their homes are put together. To write the report 1,619 surveys were made in the whole nation, to people over 65 in the period from the 13th of November 2007 to the 31st of January 2008.

The act, which has got the Auditorium almost filled, has been chaired by the vice-president of Extracurricular Activities, Josefina Bueno, who has announced the next signing of a collaboration agreement between the University of Alicante and the FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE with the aim of "combining energies and to keep working in this united front".

In addition to Bueno, the presentation has had the presence of Mª Carmen Román, the town councillor of Health of the Town Hall of Alicante, Concepción Bru Ronda, Director of the Permanent University, Mª Luisa Mataix Scasso, President of the Students and Ex Students of the Permanent University and Antonio Guzmán Córdoba, Director of the Instituto de Prevención, Salud y Medio Ambiente of the FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE.


A healthy ageing is one of the strategic lines of training of the Permanent University of the University of Alicante (UPUA). The UPUA participates since many years ago in different national and international projects with the aim of promoting the training of old people in the health field. In this sense, the UPUA has connected with public and private institutions, associations and other teaching organizations with the purpose of implicate all citizens in the importance that this training has for future generations. Thus, the UPUA bets on study, but also on the application of the obtained results, on the production of materials and its spreading at all levels, both for the general public and for professionals. This campaign of FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE is perfectly in tune with those purposes because it starts from a research and offers some ideal materials that are key to favour the quality of life of our elderly people.

"Con mayor Cuidado" is an initiative that FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE promotes through its Instituto de Prevención, Salud y Medio Ambiente. This Institute carries on many actions in Spain, Portugal and Latin America, mainly, related with the training, teaching and outreach in the health area, as well as prevention of human and material accidents. Among these activities the most outstanding ones are the grants, prizes and aids for investigation and the organization of days, courses and seminars.

The research in which the campaign is based shows that falls, intoxications, burns and fires are the main problems suffered by old people and it describes the factors that take part in them as their cause: their health, the disease they have, the medicines they usually take, their eating habits and the physical activities they carry out, among other factors.

According to the report, falls represent the 14,7% of home accidents, and they are more frequent in women (24,4%) than in men (9,7%). Moreover, accidents happen less frequently among married people (11,2%) than in those who live alone (25,3%). Health is a factor very related to falls. The report outstands that the pathologies the most related to this kind of accidents are those related to musculoskeletal disorders, as degenerative osteoarthritis, arthritis, Parkinson and osteoporosis, among others, as well as diseases of the central nervous system, as dementias, neurological, mental, visual and auditory diseases.

All the information related to this campaign, the photographs and videos of the project are available at:
Alicante, 20th of January 2010.

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