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"La otra parte is a contemporary dance spectacle which is uncomfortable for the audience to see it, because it affects us directly and approaches you to what you are, showing openly and aboveboard the miseries of the human being". Thus the director and dancer Meritxel Barberá presents "La otra parte", by the valencian company Taiat Dansa, which will be performed next 4th of March, at 20.00, in the Auditorium (Paraninfo) of the UA. This staging, codirected with the dancer Inma García, tries to "work our conscience about the violence that all we have inside us through the relationship between two couples that go from love to hate". "This intense feelings are translated physically on the stage and create a turbulent play, with tension from the beginning to the end and images that chase the spectator for many time", Barberá assures.

With the only resources of the empty space, the use of the bodies and the original music of Caldo, who works for the company since its creation, the structure of the spectacle "is like an opera, with three different parts". Through the libretto, designed by the valencian photographer Mira Bernabeu and the texts of Mikel Labastida, "the spectator can follow what happens in the play at a conceptual level". The spectacle has the interpretations of the directors together with Borja Llull and Aarón Feliu, experts in kung-fu. "We saw that there was complicity between their movements and ours and we started to work with them, to give them dance classes for seven months, two of which we stayed in Casa Encendida". Thus a fusion between the contemporary dance movement code and martial arts was achieved, especially with kung-fu.

"La otra parte", a self production of the Festival VEO 2009, has been selected to participate in the festival Performing Art of Nueva York, in the Joyce Theatre Soho, for the next month of April, from where they will travel to the World Fair of Shangai. The play is framed in the acts of the 8th of March, the International Women Day, which every year is organized by the University of Alicante.

Tickets sale in Fnac, Servicam, Compas UA bookshop and one hour befote in the Auditorium. Price: 5 €

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