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The University Venue in Alicante will receive next Thursday, February 4, the "Jornadas Acoso Laboral. Claves para la solución Extrajudicial y Judicial del Acoso Laboral" (Conferences about mobbing. Keys for achieving a non-judicial or judicial solution for mobbing), which will count on the presence of a great number of professionals from different fields, among them lawyers, judges, trade unionists and health workers. They are organized by the University of Alicante and the trade union UGT and they count on the financing of the "Fundación para la prevención de riesgos laborales" (Foundation for Occupational Risk Prevention). According to Fernando Ballester, member of the organization, "the conferences are eminently practical and they will bring together qualified professionals from different fields in order to analyse the situation of this lacra scum from the potential points of view, as well as to show plans of action, which are the results of the research". The conferences, which are organized in two sessions, one in the morning and the other in the evening, will open at 10:30am and it is expected to close at 7pm.

During the morning, there will be a round table in which the problems caused by the mobbing will be analysed from the different fields of responsibility and competence. The participants are: José María Roel, head of the Prevention Services of INVASSAT (Valencia's Institute of Occupational Health and Safety), who will analyse the preventive and qualification aspect -labour or not- of mobbing risk; Antoni Tatay, Inspector of Labour and Social Security in Alicante, who will focus on the administrative conduct to face mobbing; Emilio Martínez, lawyer of the UGT in Alicante; Enrique Terrachet, Public Prosecutor of the Provincial Court of Alicante, who will analyse the criminal aspect of mobbing; and Paz Fernández, Judge Magistrate of the Industrial Tribunal nº 4 in Alicante, who will focus on how to remedy the mobbing in the social field.
The evening program starts with a conference given by Ramón Rocamora, Territory Manager in Employment, who will expound on the management of the equality plan and the mobbing in the collective negotiation.

The conferences will close with the presentation of plans of action against mobbing, which have been devised by the professors of psychology of the Universities of Valencia and Castellón, Enrique Carbonell and Miguel Ángel Gimeno, respectively, and the UGT-PV labour lawyer, Ana Mejías.

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