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The University of Alicante opens its sport facilities next Monday 15th of February in an act that will start with the signing of an agreement between the educational institution and the Real Federación Española de Hockey.

After the signing of the agreement, the president, Ignacio Jiménez Raneda and the president of the Federación, Santiago Deó Valera, will move to the grass field to attend the match that will bring face to face the male national teams of hockey of Spain and Holland, two of the favourites in the international sphere. Both selections have chosen the campus of San Vicente of the University of Alicante to make the final stage of the bases previous to the World Championship of Hockey 2010, which will start next 28th of February in India.

Both teams will match up against them in two matches of free entrance for all people: the official on the 15th, which will start at 12:00 and one previous match that will take place on Saturday the 13th of February at 16:00.

After the match, the players and the authorities will greet and some commemorative trophies will be delivered. In addition to the academic authorities, different important figures of the political and sport world will come, as the Holland consul in La Marina Alta.

This act is framed in the strong boost that the University of Alicante is giving to sport, both in the university level and in the professional and high level. In this sense, the University of Alicante is taking the shape of a leading university, both in Spain and in Europe in regarding sport facilities. From 2005, a project of construction and improvement of the sports facilities has been carried out, and has been made in three periods that finished last year with the reform of the swimming pool, the creation of a zone for thermal health, and the hockey pitch, what places it at the forefront in the use of new and high performance materials.

It has to be stressed that the use of the sports zone of the University of Alicante is directed both to the university community and to the society in general, and that's why the professional teams are choosing more and more the facilities of the University of Alicante to celebrate their bases previous to great sport events.

According to some data taken out of the memoirs of the Sports Service, in 2009 there were 220.303 accesses for the free sport practice (that's to say, those who participated in courses or physical activities which require previous inscription are not included), a figure that has increased with the improvement and expansion of the facilities.

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