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The representatives of different associations, universities and elderly people groups of Finland, Slovenia, Poland, Germany and Spain will meet from tomorrow, February 20, at the University Venue in Alicante to celebrate the first international conference of the Senior Project (Proyecto Senior) in our country. The aim is to facilitate the exchange of the current models of learning of the five members. The Permanent University in Alicante and its Association of Old Students and Friends (Asociación de Antiguos Alumnos y Amigos) are the hosts of this conference in which there will participate 27 foreign students and 11 from Alicante.

The Senior Project is an European project of cultural integration and collaboration among learning associations, which tries to stimulate the training in the course of the life as the Permanent University. According to the director of the UPUA, Concha Bru, "we are analysing the cultural differences and similarities among the members in order to achieve a greater cultural, linguistic and territorial integration and, of course, a greater cooperation between them".

Coordinated by the Polish University of Lodz, the project counts on very different members such as a Finnish association of pensioners or a Slovakian university only for the elderly. The conference in Alicante is the third conference that is going to be celebrated in person. This project started in June 2008 and it will finish in July this year. Besides the work done through the Internet and the site created for the project, as a way of technological integration, in every conference celebrated in the different countries, they have also analysed specific topics, such as the similarities and differences among the different social actors (of the history, politics, science, literature, gastronomy, music, etc.), its treatment, the repercussion both inside and outside the country, etc. The conference celebrated in the University Venue in Alicante will include the results of the comparative analysis carried out during the last months about how the members appear in the national and regional press in relation to the other countries. According to Concha Bru, the conclusions of this study will reveal the degree of ignorance about realities that are not that distant.

The conference consists of working sessions, plenary sessions and others with the coordinators of every country, in which every member will present its study and the conclusions. Moreover, there will also be practical activities of linguistic and cultural immersion from which the groups will have to present a written paper. The conference, which will take place between February 20 and 24, starts with a official welcome reception at the Alicante Town Hall and a tour of the city (tomorrow February 20, at 10 am), in collaboration with the Department of Education, and a day in the Marina Baja region to visit the cities of Altea, Benidorm and Guadalest (February 22).

The conferences will end on February 24 with the presentation of the conclusions and proposals and a debate on future work fields.

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