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1. AIM

The Latin American Studies Centre "Mario Benedetti" (CEMAB in Spanish), in its compromise of strengthening the fraternal links and opening new paths with the countries of Spanish speaking, has the aim of boosting the study of the academic and cultural reality of Latin America. That's why it has decided to make public its seventh announcement of grants for financing the organization of congresses, courses, seminars, days and events of similar nature related to the mentioned area of study.


Any member of the University Community (PDI, PAS, students or associations so registered in the UA) can present the request, as long as he/she has the support of a Centre, University Institute of Investigation, Department or Organism of the University of Alicante.


3.1. The requests will be addressed to the director of the Latin American Studies Centre "Mario Benedetti" and they must be submitted in the University Records (Registro General) of the University of Alicante or in the Auxiliary offices (Registros Auxiliares) located in the Records Office (Secretaría de Centro) and in the Venue of the University in Alicante.
3.2. The period for submitting the requests will be open from the next day from the publication of this announcement in the BOUA and will finish on the 26th of February of 2010 (both inclusive).
3.3. The application forms can be collected in the University Record, in the offices of the CEMAB, and in the webs of the Vicerectorate for Extracurricular Activities and the CEMAB.
3.4. In the requests there must appear:
a) The name of the person responsible for the activity.
b) The Centre, University Institute of Investigation, Department or Organism for which the grant is requested.
c) The centre of costs at which the grant will be transferred in the event of it being given.
3.5. The request must have enclosed the following documents:
a) Acts program of the event.
b) Budget, as detailed as possible, in which there must appear the incomes and forecasted expenses.
c) Guarantee of the Centre, University Institute of Investigation, Department or Organism.
3.6. The application form must be filled in completely; if it isn't, it will be excluded.
3.7. The requests must be submitted together with the documents detailed in section 3.5 in the established period. If by any event any of the specified documents can't be submitted with the request, it can be sent to the CEMAB (General Library building), in the maximum period of seven calendar days from the date of the end of the announcement.
3.8. The requests submitted by people alien to the University Community of the UA and of those who don't have the guarantee of Centres, University Institutes of Investigations, Departments or Organisms with own centre of costs and budgets are excluded.

4.1. The requests must refer to activities which take place from the next day of the publication of the announcement in the BOUA until the 31st of December of 2010.
4.2. The amount given can be used for the expenses related to the event that the responsible considers. Not withstanding, the given grant can't be used to pay allowances and travelling expenses of the PDI, PAS and students of the University of Alicante.
4.3. For each activity only one request can be submitted, whoever the petitioner is. Anyway, the same person can't submit more than one request.
4.4. These grants are incompatible with those given by the Vicerectorate for Extracurricular Activities.
4.5. In the period of a month, from the end of the subsidized activity, a detailed report of the event must be sent to the CEMAB. It will include the expenses made in relation to the given grant and the statement of the corresponding budget application. Both the report and the statement will be signed by the person responsible for the activity and stamped by the corresponding Centre, University Institute of Investigation, Department or Organism.
4.6. The CEMAB reserves the right to record, photograph and collect, in any technical medium, the conferences and talks, as well as other possible events related to the subsidized activity, for their spreading and/or documentation.
4.7. Every subsidized activity will include in its advertisements, as sponsors, the logo of the UA, that of the CEMAB and the logo or name of the corresponding Centre, University Institute of Investigation, Department or Organism.


5.1. The available amount of these grants will be a total of 22.000 €.
5.2. The amount will be fixed, for each event, by the Evaluation Commission (Comisión de Valoración) regarding the number of submitted requests, as well as the content of the activity, the participation and the interest for the UA and the CEMAB.
5.3. The given grants will be given in a unique order of payment and they will be transferred to the budgetary application of the Centre, University Institute of Investigation, Department or Organism to which the coordinator of the activity is attached.
5.4. That person will be responsible for the carrying out of all the steps related to the organization of the event (advertising, reservation of travels, hotels, spaces, audiovisual means, etc). The economic and administrative steps will be made from the centre of costs which receives the grant.
5.5. Once the subvention is given, the coordinator of the activity will have the compromise of carrying it out by complying with the submitted topics and conditions. Those modifications which, in its case, could exist must be passed by the Permanent Commission (Comisión Permanente).
5.6. In the case in which the costs justification is lower than the given grant, the remainder must be given back to the CEMAB.


6.1. The selection and amount of the grants will be decided by the Evaluation Commission composed by the following members:
President: The Vicerector for Extracurricular Activities or the person she chooses to represent her
Secretary: The Director of the CEMAB
Members: The Director of the Secretariat for Extracurricular Activities, the President of the Students Council, or the person he chooses to represent him, and a PAS member of the CEMAB.
6.2. A Permanent Commission will be created. It will consist of the Vicerector for Extracurricular Activities as President, the Director of the CEMAB as Secretary, and one of the members chosen by and among the own members.


7.1. For the granting of the grants it will be taken into account, firstly, the interest of the activity according to the aim of the CEMAB written in section 1.
7.2. Next, the submitted requests will be evaluated regarding the sphere of repercussion of the event. The established order is the following:
a) International
b) National
c) Local
7.3. Those activities celebrated in the Campus or in the University Venues of the University will be preferential, as well as the use of the means or resources of our University.
7.4. The number of collaborating Institutions and/or Companies implicated in the event will be taken into account for the award of the grants.
7.5. The estimated number of participants in the activity and the relation cost-addressee can also be taken into account.
7.6. The repetition and overlap of analogous activities organized by the University of Alicante will be avoided.
7.7. The Commission can, if it considers it appropriate, not give any subvention or not to give some part of the estimated amount.
7.8. In those cases in which it is appropriate, the Evaluation Commission or, by delegation of this last, the Permanent Commission, can obtain the presentation of the complimentary information which it considers necessary for the resolution and monitoring of the grants. Those responsible for the corresponding Centres, University Institutions of Investigation, Departments or Organisms will be informed about the decisions taken as a result of the study of that monitoring.


8.1. In the period of seven calendar days starting from the date of the end of the presentation of requests, the list of submitted requests will be published in the web of the CEMAB.
8.2. Once the grants are given, those interested can submit their claims within a period of 10 calendar days.
8.3. In the period of a month from the publication of the final resolution, the CEMAB will transfer the given grants.
Alicante, 29th of January 2010

The Secretary of the Commission,
Carmen Alemany Bay
Director of the CEMAB

Vº Bº
The President of the Commission,

Josefina Bueno Alonso
Vicerector for Extracurricular Activities

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