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  • The tradicional Chapi welcomes the opening ceremony of Summer Courses Villena

The tradicional Chapi welcomes the opening ceremony of Summer Courses Villena

On Friday 2nd July at 20.30 hours, the Teatro de Villena Chapí will host the
Opening Act of the Summer Courses of the University Headquarters, chaired
by the mayor, Celia Lledó and the rector of the University of Alicante, Ignacio
Jimenez Ranedo. In addition, numerous academic and municipal authorities,
the event will feature the President of the Cooperative Property and Student
Services, Cobs, Francisco Milan and an institutional representative of the Caja
Mediterráneo, on this occasion the director of the Central Bureau de Villena
Raul Richart, both co-organizers of the summer courses.
As usual, after the opening will be a musical performance, which this time will
be borne by the Big Band of the Conservatory of Music in Villena. This musical
education, born in 2008, has performed in various auditoriums of both the city
and beyond, with critical acclaim. Directed by Francisco Serra Martínez, the Big
Band is composed of about 20 students from the Conservatory Jazz Workshop.
Among the subjects chosen for the opening concert of the summer courses
include some as The Pink Panther by Henry Mancini, the Hard's Day's Night,
the Beatles, or Harlem Nocturne, Earle's classic jazz Hagen.
Exposure has no name in the House of Culture
Prior to the opening will be held the first of the cultural events of the summer
range, the opening of the exhibition has ¡No tiene nombre!, Diana Raznovich,
with texts by Elena Simon, linguist and expert on gender equality. The sample
consists of 30 vignettes of great visual impact, stresses the importance of
language as a tool for communication and transmission of culture, favoring
the use of non-sexist language as a fundamental tool to achieve a situation of
real and effective equality between women and men, more in line with the new
social and legal reality today. It will play in the Casa de la Cultura de Villena
until 23 July. The opening will be at 19:30 pm and will feature the artist who
accompanied various municipal authorities and academics. Admission is free.
Headquarters Villena University will give this year a total of ten courses
from different areas of knowledge. A total of 300 enrolled students will
receive training in music, oriental languages and cultures, social issues as
the role of women in the media, and technology, with two courses that will
address the development of Web applications and the role of telematics
public administration in the XXI century. To complete the training offer, they
have planned a series of cultural activities including exhibitions, theatrical
performances and concerts of classical and modern music with a performance
by singer-songwriter Pedro Guerra, on Thursday, July 8.

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